Pokémon Sword And Shield Is Giving Out Free Rare Victini Mythicals

Pokémon Sword And Shield Is Giving Out Free Rare Victini Mythicals

The Pokémon World Championships, taking place in London this week, just unveiled a special freebie for those of us who are watching the tournament at home. From now until August 21, you can use a Mystery Gift code to redeem a Victini in Pokémon Sword And Shield.

Originally spotted by Serebii, the download code for the Mythic Pokémon is W0RLD22V1CT0RY. To redeem it, simply go into the game’s “Mystery Gift” menu by pressing X, select “Get a Mystery Gift,” then “Get with Code/Password,” and then enter the code above. The Victini will have a Brave nature, and comes with a moveset of V-create, Zen Headbutt, Work Up, and Flame Charge.

This is a rare opportunity, since there are currently no other ways to obtain Victini, other than to transfer one from Pokémon Home. This is the first and likely only time that Victini will be distributed for generation 8, since Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 this year. During the opening remarks of the World Championships, The Pokémon Company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara announced that there would be additional news for Scarlet and Violet during the closing ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday.

The Victini distribution event is great news for anyone who’s thinking about participating in competitive ranked matches. Earlier this month, the community discovered that mythic Pokémon like Victini would be allowed to curbstomp opponents in competitive play. Victini is especially feared for its high stats and the ability to raise the accuracy of its (and allied Pokémon) moves. This means that it can spam powerful attacks that normally have a high chance of missing the opponent, but with significantly improved accuracy. Its signature move, V-create, also has very high base damage.

But really, the most important part of this isn’t that Victini has good use value in competitive play. Victini is a cute Pokémon that would look great in my Pokémon Shield campsite. Be sure to get yours before the weekend is over.



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