Steam Deck Is Launching In Japan, Tantalisingly Close To Australia

Steam Deck Is Launching In Japan, Tantalisingly Close To Australia
Image: Valve Corporation

Valve has announced the Steam Deck will launch in Japan and several other Asian territories, inching its vaunted handheld PC closer to Australia.

The Steam Deck can now be reserved in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The company handling reservations across all four countries is Komodo, Valve’s authorised reseller in the region. There’s no confirmed release date just yet, though Valve indicates hardware reserved today will delivered later this year. This is, nevertheless, a major step toward getting the Steam Deck into markets outside North America, the UK and Europe.

Steam Deck Is Launching In Japan, Tantalisingly Close To Australia
Australians right now. Image: Miramax

The news was announced via official Steam Deck social media channels.

The news re-confirms that Valve will partner with a vetted local reseller when launching the Steam Deck in a new region. Safe to say, frequent partner EB Games will get the tap on the shoulder when Australia’s turn finally arrives. Until then, we’ll still be relying on grey imports (and, honestly, today’s news may make that process a great deal simpler).

The device has proven to be a hit in western markets, and it’s easy to imagine Japan embracing the Steam Deck as well. The wider APAC region will watch with interest to see what uptake in these regions is like. With enough, er, steam behind it, hopefully it won’t be long before Valve expands its scope again.


    • That’s implying that they’ll ever release the hardware in Australia.

      Remember you still cannot actually buy a Valve Index on Steam, if it detects an Australia IP it actually completely removes all Valve Index items on Steam itself.

      I fully expect the same thing to happen with the Steam Deck

    • I think you’re safe with the Steam Deck for a while yet for two reasons:

      First, the Steam Deck was released February 25, 2022. It hasn’t even been out 6 months. Even money grubs like nVidia operate on a 2 year update cycle. So, as a general tech product cycle rule, I’d expect a minimum of another year and a half until there’s a Steam Deck 2.

      There might be an interim updated version like Switch OLED (eg. screen, thumb sticks, ssd, cooling back case), but those are mostly user upgradeable components anyway.

      So, 2024 before Valve can justify a Steam Deck 2 to its customers.

      Second, all three Steam Deck tiers have the same gaming guts (CPU/GPU/RAM) and we’re unlikely to see a change to that until there’s a proper Deck 2. The APU is custom built by AMD and there is nothing else released with better graphics core at that power draw. Similar versions of the APU (Mero, Van Gogh, Aerith) are being rolled out to other AMD customers now.

      The rumoured AMD successor to this APU is “Little Phoenix”. We’ve only got one source for those rumours (Moore’s Law Is Dead), but he’s speculating a higher price and late 2023-2024 before we see it. That fits with a 2 year cycle for Valve.

      A third reason not to wait for Steam Deck 2 is pricing: The low price of Steam Deck’s base model was “painful” for Valve. Gabe’s mentioned that he was surprised that the top tier was the most popular. “That’s an example of us being a little surprised by what our customers are telling us,” Newell told Edge. “They’re basically saying, ‘We would like an even more expensive version of this’.”

      So, combining that note with the price bump for Little Phoenix and we’re likely to see a more expensive Steam Deck 2.

      If the price doesn’t matter to you, and you want a more expensive and powerful Steam Deck, then you should already be looking at Aya Neo’s lineup instead of waiting for a Steam Deck 2 in 2024.

      Based on what I can see, waiting for a Deck 2 doesn’t make much sense.

  • meh ive shelled out for the Ayaneo Next anyway as its comming out at the end of the month. the Steam Deck isnt going to be released here for long time, and like the VR sets before it it wont even be announced that is up for sale until you see the box in an EB Games store

  • Tencent and Logitech announced a Cloud Gaming Handheld that’s suppose to function with direct streaming of games from GeForce Now or Microsoft XCloud.
    , we might see that before Steam Deck.

    That said with the current economy and supply issues we may be waiting a while before we see any Steam Deck competitors come roaring into the market.

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