FFXIV’s Yoshi-P Drops New Details About Its Long-Awaited Island Sanctuary Update

FFXIV’s Yoshi-P Drops New Details About Its Long-Awaited Island Sanctuary Update
Contributor: Renee O’Flynn

As Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 6.2 draws near, producer Naoki Yoshida (aka Yoshi-P) has been doing the rounds on Japanese game sites to talk about it. Fans on the FFXIV subreddit have been madly translating these pieces in the hunt for new Island Sanctuary information, and they’ve come up with the goods. Here’s what we know from the tidbits dropped so far.

In an interview with Famitsu, Yoshi-P stated that each player will have their own instanced island. These locations will be a social affair with players being able to invite friends over to visit, although mission content found on each island is designed to be casual content that can be completed solo. The degree to which guests can interact with the island is unknown.

Players will be able to queue for the Duty Finder while they are on the Sanctuary. One thing was made very clear: Island Sanctuary is not a replacement for housing, and housing items will not be usable on the island. It will also have its own currency and will be separate from the rest of the game. All that said, there have been hints that a degree of interaction will be created at the end of the Island Sanctuary content once it is fully explored.

Minions will be allowed to roam freely on the island. We don’t currently know exactly how many will be allowed to roam at once, but we do know that mounts will not be part of it. Yoshi-P has not ruled out changing this in the future, but for now, it’s just the minions. It will be possible to earn mounts by exploring the island, but that’s all he had to say on the topic.

Also confirmed: Island Sanctuary will have no story, just a string of quests that lead to unlocking the island. Certain things, like growing crops, will be on a weekly timer. It’s possible that they may use the challenge log, or something similar, for this. The weather will change on the island but there will be no snow. Rather it seems it will be a more tropical climate. Players will be able to craft without having a Disciple of the Land or a Disciple of the Hand, FFXIV‘s gathering and crafting classes, available.

There’s an upcoming live letter happening on Saturday, so it’s possible that we’ll learn more then.

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