4 Easy Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips To Level Friendship Fast

4 Easy Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips To Level Friendship Fast

Friendship is important all the time, even in the farming sim Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here, raising friendship levels rewards you with new locations, characters, and items like grey overalls — because the true meaning of friendship is when an unblinking Mickey Mouse iteration rewards you with unisex clothing, I’m afraid.

And as gamers, we have to min/max everything, including our friendship with the mouse man. Though, as gamers, we also need to go to therapy. I am here with the best of both. To help you milk friendship levels in Disney Dreamlight Valley, I’m suggesting four simple ways to boost your friendship levels with the five love languages and my high school AP psychology textbook.

If your love language is acts of service…

When you begin the game, completing quests is going to be your only option for reaching friendship level two, which unlocks more efficient levelling methods. The game gives you the ability to work on different quests at once, and makes it fairly simple to juggle them all. So feel free to stack up on multiple quests to knock them out incrementally like a Peter Pan actor at Disney World fending off rabid youths.

To start a quest, initiate dialogue with a character and follow through to the end. A banner displaying the name of the quest will tell you you’ve made it through all dialogue options, and, from there, you can keep track of all your active quests by clicking the “Quests” tab in your main menu.

Quests will be divided into two categories, story quests and friendship quests. Both seem to increase friendship levels, but friendship quests are bound by friendship level requirements.

If your love language is gifting…

Gifting is the easiest and quickest way to boost friendship levels fast, but, like the rest of this list, the option only appears after you’ve reached friendship level two.

Once you know a character that well, click on them then choose the “I have something to give you!” option. On the bottom left of the screen, you’ll see three items labelled “favourite things of the day.” Giving characters one of their favourite things gets you bonus friendship points, but you can’t farm this method — you’ll only receive bonus points once per favourite item given.

In some cases, you might decide that it doesn’t feel worth it to, say, give Goofy his favourite Bream, which is worth 600 Star Coins, but that you still care about the guy. That’s fine, Dreamlight will sanction your cruel selfishness.

You can give characters any item in your inventory for a noticeably smaller boost in friendship points, but it’s still a boost, nonetheless. Some random items, like flowers, seem to offer an additional boost in points even when they aren’t a preferred item of the day. Meals also offer a friendship nudge, but making them takes more time than grabbing a handful of flowers, so I wouldn’t recommend them unless you’re really repulsed by the seafood platter in your inventory.

The gift of anthropomorphism.  (Image: Gameloft)
The gift of anthropomorphism. (Image: Gameloft)

If your love language is quality time…

Assign buddies one of these five tasks: gardening, fishing, foraging, mining, and digging. Be aware that you won’t be able to change an assignment once it’s made, so choose carefully. No one wants to be stuck foraging with Mickey for all eternity if that’s simply not the vibe.

Some characters are predisposed to certain tasks. Like, when we meet Goofy, he immediately shares with us the joys of fishing. But I haven’t noticed a meaningful difference in gameplay experience when assigning activities to characters who like them canonically or not (tell me if you have, though!).

Once a task is assigned, hit characters up and choose their “Let’s hang out!” option. This option is your golden ticket to function and friendship. Not only will hanging out boost friendship levels, but also characters will help you perform their designated task better by grabbing additional items that you can sell or use to complete friendship-boosting quests. It’s pure symbiosis.

If your love language is words of affirmation…

This is the weakest friendship-juicing method, but it’s good to have in your arsenal. Like gifts of the day, conversation options replenish after 24 in-game hours. To talk to characters, click on them and choose the prompt, which will be character-specific and depends on what you last spoke about, with a conversation bubble next to it.

If your love language is physical touch…

Please, God, no.



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