4 Ways To Get Rich Quick In Disney Dreamlight Valley

4 Ways To Get Rich Quick In Disney Dreamlight Valley

The life-sim Disney Dreamlight Valley frames its story as Mickey-Mouse-ears-wearing haven — far, far away from the hustle of city living or real life. But to enjoy it fully and make upgrades to its dilapidated town, obtain key items, and buy pretty dresses, you’ll still need to have fat stacks of cash. Take it from Scrooge McDuck.

In this world, you’ll learn about Star Coins, Disney Dreamlight’s currency, almost immediately upon starting the game if you spend some time dissolving pustulous Night Thorns — they spit out a Coin nearly every time you remove them. But you’ll also quickly learn that most important things, like upgrading your backpack for more inventory slots, can cost in the tens of thousands of Star Coins. That Night Thorn minimum wage is simply unsustainable.

Though, because this is Disney we’re talking about, you won’t need to sacrifice your beloved commemorative plate collection in a yard sale, start moonlighting as a medical device salesperson, or contemplate the many horrors of living in a world that values profit over people. No, like everything else in Disney Dreamlight, getting rich quickly and transforming the town can be cute and not too difficult, as long as you have faith, trust, etc.

So I’ll take you through some of the ways you can build your wealth and, hopefully, one day purchase Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen severed head.

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Know what you can get, and where

If it seems like you’re going in empty-handed, don’t panic. You probably have more money to start with than you even know. To confirm this, open up your sad poor person inventory and hover over each item you have. You’ll be able to learn information about the item, like what it is, if it can be consumed and how much energy consuming it gives you, and its value in Coins. Just one apple, which you can harvest from trees upon starting the game, is worth 25 Coins. If you switch over to the “Collection” section of your game’s menus, you can scroll down and look at all the different types of items, flora and fauna that you can acquire in the game.

Helpfully, Dreamlight tells you exactly what’s in the game, where to get it, and what it’s worth. If you scroll down to areas like your recipes, it will also tell you what your concoctions will net you when you mash them together. To take advantage of this, it’s time to start farming intentionally.

The secrets of a Dreamlight inventory. (Screenshot: Gameloft)
The secrets of a Dreamlight inventory. (Screenshot: Gameloft)

Revert to hunting and gathering

Dreamlight’s more pastoral elements, fishing and planting, are relaxingly repetitive, but once you unlock Goofy’s buy-and-sell stalls after you meet him, you can also profit off of them.

In the process of meeting Goofy, you’ll get access to his lucky fishing pole. Fish are one of the most lucrative early game items you can grab a hold of. All you need to do to grab them is look out for colourful bubbles in bodies of water, stand directly across from them to cast a line (you can approach from any angle, but I’ve found directly across to be the best for casting a line), and complete a quick-time kind of mini-game. White bubbles indicate common fish, blue are more rare, and gold are “legendary,” if you can accept the existence of a legendary fish.

Blue bubbles in the early game location, Peaceful Meadow, will reliably net you Bream, which you can sell to Goofy for 600 Star Coins. Fishing spots respawn quickly, and failing a mini-game doesn’t make a spot inactive or change its rarity, so fishing is an easy choice for expediting a couple thousand Coins.

Even more speedy (though less lucrative) is farming. You can buy seeds in bulk from Goofy’s stalls, but it’s also worth spending a few minutes pulling up weeds and seeing how many bags you naturally procure. Going back to those Night Thorns for a second, in addition to individual Star Coins, pulling up weeds also often drops bags of seeds. I think by the end of my first hour of playtime, too much of it I spent weeding because it’s truly very satisfying, I had, like, 40 bags of carrot seeds. The seeds become much more valuable when you unlock new areas.

Once you have an ample amount of, for example, carrot seeds in your inventory, put your shovel and watering can to work. Set up a nice farming plot close to your house because extended farming will deplete your energy quickly, and the most efficient way to replenish it is by popping in and out of your home.

Plant everything you got, water the plot (or farm while it’s raining to get your plot watered automatically), and wait 25 minutes for them to grow and harvest. Sell your carrot bounty to Goofy en masse for 44 Coins a pop. And remember, you can hold the plant and water button down to make your character do it automatically.

This process holds up when you get deeper into the game, too — okra, which you can find seeds for in Glade of Trust by weeding or by purchasing them from a Goofy stall, can be sold for 114 star coins and is harvested in three-piece bundles for a net worth of 342. More valuable crops tend to take longer to grow, though. Okra takes two hours.

And while you’re exploring, if you have the backpack space, pick up things like flowers, seashells, and use your pickaxe to mine profitable gems from rock formations. Some rarer gemstones, like the shiny peridots in early game locations, get you 800 Coins. I recommend upgrading your backpack early. While the upgrade is costly at 5,000 coins, it allows you to hold more high-value items in the long run.

Phone a friend

To increase your bounty in all fishing, farming, or gathering efforts, assign a familiar friend like Mickey Mouse or Scrooge to a certain task.

To be able to do this, chat to characters and complete their quests to reach friendship level two. At that point, you’ll be able to (irreversibly) assign friends one of five roles: gardening, fishing, foraging, mining, and digging.

Talk to a respective character before you perform a task yourself, then choose the “Let’s hang out!” option. Characters will then follow you around as you, for example, harvest crops, and acquire you additional bounty to sell. Assigning tasks to characters also increases your friendship level with them and how well they perform the task.

Nice fishing, Goofy. (Screenshot: Gameloft)
Nice fishing, Goofy. (Screenshot: Gameloft)

Allow a rat to live in your kitchen

High risk, high reward. After you obtain a stove by buying one from Scrooge, crafting one yourself, or receiving one from Mickey after finishing his initial “Foodception” quest, unlocking chef rat Remy lets you arrange food into delightfully expensive meals.

To find the critter, head into Dream Castle and decide to enter the realm that has “a restaurant with a great little chef.” Disney is not so subtle.

Cook with Remy a little bit in his realm to kick off his quest, head back to your reality, cough up 2,000 Coins to build Remy a home, and then another 2,000 for the Restaurant Furniture Kit, which you can buy from Scrooge. Find the ingredients Remy requests of you, and then you’ll be able to wrap his quest and buy dairy-forward ingredients like butter, eggs, milk, and cheese.

Combining these ingredients with your other food items makes some high-powered meals, like fish soup (any fish, any vegetable, milk), which can be sold for 368 Coins minimum, and the unreasonably priced chocolate waffles (cocoa bean, wheat, eggs, milk), which can be sold for 735 coins.



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