Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Achievements Are Surprisingly Intense

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Achievements Are Surprisingly Intense

What should one have to do to earn an award? How much work should one have to complete before receiving an achievement? These are questions without answers. But according to the devs behind Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to catch nearly 2000 fish and harvest over 4000 vegetables before you get achievements. Better get to work!

Dreamlight Valley was released a week ago via paid early access across Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC. Its combo of iconic Disney characters like Goofy, Stardew Valley-like farming, and Animal Crossing-like village management has been a hit. We here at Kotaku are really enjoying it, even if Mickey’s eyes are a bit creepy and Scrooge McDuck is a greedy bastard. And within this new hit game, you can find a long list of challenges and tasks to complete. But outside of that, like every other modern game in 2022, Dreamlight Valley also has Xbox achievements and PlayStation trophies. And some of these are wild!

For example, one achievement asks players to start 1,000 daily conversations. Depending on how often you play and how many villagers you’ve unlocked this could take weeks or more likely months to accomplish. Another one tasks players with farming and harvesting 4,500 vegetables. Again, this will take most players weeks or months to unlock. The same is true for the achievement that requires you to catch 1,800 fish or cook 900 meals. Your average Dreamlight Valley player — someone who isn’t farming for coins or trying to min/max everything — will probably go a few weeks before getting their first achievement.

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Now there is at least one easy-to-get achievement that you can grab right now in a few minutes. It’s the trophy that only requires you to take 50 photos. That number is so small compared to all the others that I can only assume it’s a typo and that the devs intended players to take 5,000 photos.

Of course, for folks who are grinding out massive carrot farms or similar ways to bring in extra cash quickly, I suspect they’ll unlock many of these in no time. But for the majority of Dreamlight Valley players, these will be long-term goals to work on. Like owning a home, planning a family, or finally going one week without having a mental breakdown over the state of the planet.

While these achievements take a lot of time or smart grinding to unlock, I’m not actually frustrated by them at all. For one thing, the game constantly rewards you through quests and dreamlight challenges. Plus, as crazy as they are, I appreciate that for many players, they’ll still be unlocking achievements even after playing for weeks and weeks.

Games like this tend to be things people invest tons of time into, so building out your trophies in a way that rewards long-term players is probably a smart way to keep people invested, even after they’ve cooked 500 plates of fish or crudites. At that point, you’re already past the halfway point to get the achievement. So, why stop now? You don’t want to disappoint Mickey Mouse, do you?

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