Gubbins Is A Word Game With Weird Little Guys

Gubbins Is A Word Game With Weird Little Guys

One of the many games announced as recipients of Screen Australia’s Games Expansion Pack funding has come out with a first look at gameplay: Gubbins.

Gubbins can be most simply described as a colourful word puzzle game where a cast of kooky-looking guys known as Gubbins can either help you out or actively mess with you. You can check out their reveal trailer below.

Gubbins is being created by Studio Folly, a Melbourne-based game dev studio founded by Jessica Shipard and Darcy Smith in 2020. With the musical stylings of Katarzyna Wiktorski, an incredibly talented pianist and composer, it’s hard to contain my excitement for this one.

As described by a recent press release, Gubbins is a test of mastering ‘systemic wordplay in a roguelite environment’, which is genuinely something I’ve never heard of. It will involve you finding, collecting, and mastering 25 unique Gubbins (at first) as you use letters from your draw pile to create the best words.

I was one of the many, many people that went hard on the Wordle craze, followed by the Heardle craze, and ever since then have been looking for a new word game that does something different. I’ve always been a huge puzzlehead, especially when it comes to word puzzles. That stuff rocks my world.

So take word puzzles, and then add funny little guys? Slapping me in the face with little fellas like THESE?

Image: Studio Folly / Kotaku Australia

You simply love to see it. The art style of Gubbins is truly spectacular in such a simplistic way.

Gubbins will be one of many spectacular Australian indie games on display as part of PAX Australia, and we’re currently in the process of building an exhaustive list of Australian games that will be available to check out and try out at the expo. Watch this space!

Gubbins will be available for iOS in 2023, and you can stay in the loop via Studio Folly’s very aesthetically pleasing website.


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