New Camo Xbox Controller Ironically Could Not Stay Hidden

New Camo Xbox Controller Ironically Could Not Stay Hidden

It looks like Microsoft is going to announce a new flavour of Xbox controller, and you bet your sweet bippy that it’s another camo controller.

Thanks to an accidental online listing from a Canadian retail store, a report from Tech4Gamers, and a quick trigger finger on leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia’s big red screenshot button, we were able to see Xbox’s upcoming controller.

For those of you that may be thinking, “Wait, this is just an empty image?”, I tip my hat to you. Good joke, nobody saw it coming. Similarly to the controller. Something something, camouflage. Whatever, you get it.

The new Xbox Series X/S controller, according to the now-removed page on the Microplay storefront, will be called “Mineral Camo”, and will feature a “bold mineral blue, bright purple, aqua, and dark purple camouflage pattern”.

This is the third camo controller released by Xbox for their most recent console, with the first being the white/grey Arctic Camo controller and the second being the red/black Daystrike Camo controller. All of which are not visible to the untrained, non-gamer eye.

Interestingly enough, the blue camo design on the new controller isn’t actually the first time we’ve seen it. In the Australian rendition of the Xbox Design Lab, you can actually make an almost-perfect recreation of the Mineral Camo design. The main difference with the new controller is that the XYAB buttons and middle buttons are blue (this isn’t an option in Xbox Design Lab), and the joysticks and D-pad are a bit brighter.

mineral camo xbox controller
Screenshot: Xbox Design Lab / Kotaku Australia

The listing also said that the Xbox Series X/S Mineral Camo Wireless Controller would have an RRP of $CAD79.99, which is about $AU90. However, knowing exchange rates and how much the price of stuff goes up in Australia, it’ll most likely cost more than that.

On top of that, the listing states that if preordered, the controller is “scheduled for shipping on September 27th”, which suggests that the controller could be formally announced and shadow-dropped tomorrow. That’s just a maybe though, we can never be too sure!

If you’re keen on the new Xbox Series X/S Mineral Camo Controller, keep an eye out as it’ll probably drop any day now. Alternatively, you could always just make your very own Lil Baby Bingus.

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