Twitch Streamer Broxh On His Career And The Beauty Of Aotearoa

Twitch Streamer Broxh On His Career And The Beauty Of Aotearoa

Broxh doesn’t just want to carve wood and play World of Warcraft. He also wants you to come to New Zealand.

If you haven’t heard of Broxh, I feel very sorry for you. Broxh is a Twitch streamer hailing from the lovely lands of Aotearoa who specialises in whakairo rākau, which is a wood carving art form in Māori culture. On top of that, he’s an avid gamer. And to top it all off, he’s a real sweetie.

As part of a New Zealand tourism initiative, Broxh and a range of other Kiwi celebrities have joined forces and become Secret (Travel) Agents with one simple mission: To remind the world what is unique and unmissable about Aotearoa.

I got the chance to have a chat with Broxh thanks to this initiative and decided to delve in and learn a little more about how he started his foray into the streaming world, as well as what sparked his decision to become a Secret (Travel) Agent.

Your style of Twitch streaming is, of course, very unique. What got you into it?

So I basically first discovered streaming about… I think it was back in 2015. I’d watch certain categories of the games I was playing, and then eventually down the line, I started streaming as well. I was a little Fortnite wannabe too, but then eventually I started trying to stream carving, which was more of my thing.

Basically, my first carving stream lasted about three minutes because when I saw the viewer count go up to three, I got nervous and turned it off. I did that around four times, and then eventually I applied for an art showcase, and to my surprise, the rest is history from the clip that’s going around and I’m just glad everyone enjoys what I do.

One of the particular streamers that got me into the whole scene was Bajheera, but he actually plays games. I decided to do what I do because I go on the Twitch platform and it’s something new that’s never been done before and it’s fun. Whakairo Maori wood carving is definitely something that’s been on the Twitch map now, I should say.

Yeah, absolutely. You mentioned that you kind of started doing the whole Fortnite business, but wood carving is really where your streams thrive. You are also quite the gamer, so what are some of your favourite games to stream?

Yeah, I’m a bit of a gamer even though I should stop before the boss sees. I’ve been gaming from a young age, like Sonic 1 was one of the first games I started playing as a kid, just on the ground, with my T.V. and my console, that was me through the night.

World of Warcraft was probably one of the games I spent the most time in. It was 2007 I think I started playing it or could be later. What else do I enjoy? I’ve always spent a lot of time, playing Crash Bandicoot. I don’t think I know anyone from the 90s that didn’t play it. There are few games that I enjoyed, memorable games as a kid anyway right up until now, that I still play.

Absolutely. So you also notably decided to turn your donations off once you started gaining popularity, something that’s very rare for people who regularly stream on Twitch. What sparked this decision?

Oh, Christmas! Well, I’ll probably do it again this year for the third time, but around the time of Christmas, normally I notice people are looking for the donation link and it just made sense to turn it off at the time because it’s about using your money on your own family, getting presents and food for your kids and family and that’s why I turned it off. It just made sense and it still does.

Makes sense. Now, you’re located over in Aotearoa, and you’re one of the few Kiwi stars over there, working as a Secret (Travel) Agent to show how great the darn place is. So, would you be able to tell us just a bit about what the land means to you?

Well, this particular place, Aotearoa, means a lot to me, being Maori, and this is our indigenous homeland that has an abundance of history throughout the entire country. It’s always going to have a special place in my heart, right down to the many different tribes we have in our country to the stories that come from us and just being indigenous overall is the reason this place is always going to be special to me and I’ll probably never move to another country.

Of course, why would you? Why do you think more people should consider taking the trip over?

Well with this place, I feel like we’re very unique with the strong culture that we have in our country. It’s still yet to be told to the rest of the world because not many people know about it, right down to the landscapes that we have, from Queenstown to Te Araroa right up north to the Cape and right down to the South Harbour. As I mentioned,  Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places in the world when it comes to winter as well, and our black sand beaches that we have too.

You can find Broxh over on Twitch, where he regularly streams his whakairo wood carving work as well as the odd gaming stream here and there. If you’d like to learn more about the work he’s doing as a Secret (Travel) Agent, you can learn more here.

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