What Video Game Do You Think They’re Scanning Ted Lasso For?

What Video Game Do You Think They’re Scanning Ted Lasso For?

Jason Sudeikis had had his likeness scanned for use in a video game, dressed in his Ted Lasso costume.

Sudeikis’ scanning was confirmed via the official Ted Lasso Twitter overnight.

This all obviously begs the question: What game could Ted Lasso be about to appear in?

The most obvious assumption would have to be FIFA 23, wouldn’t it? Ted Lasso, an Apple TV sitcom from Sukeikis and Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, became a sensation during the peak of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. The show follows Lasso, an American college football coach roped into coaching Premier League football team AFC Richmond in the UK. It’s a show about relentless positivity in all things, a treatise on mind-over-matter sports psychology. Originally hired in the hope that his unfamiliarity with European football would drive the team into the ground, Lasso’s sunny and open-book approach begins an extraordinary run of success.

So, clearly, wouldn’t adding Lasso to FIFA 23 make sense? I wouldn’t mind seeing a fully realised model of Ted Lasso and Coach Beard jumping around on the sidelines while a digital AFC Richmond takes the field.

Or just got hog wild and put him in Mario Strikers Football. I’d play that.

Will it happen? Who knows. Regardless of where Digital Ted ends up, there’s only one thing we can do now.

Gif: Tenor, Apple TV

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