Garfield Lasagna Party Will Drop Late Next Month

Garfield Lasagna Party Will Drop Late Next Month

Have you ever played a game of Mario Party and thought, “Boy, I sure do wish I didn’t have to play the board game, I just want to play the mini-games”, as well as, “Who are these clowns? What is a Mario? I sure do wish my friend Garfield was here”? I have great news for you!

Microids, in partnership with Paramount Consumer Products, has announced that part game Garfield Lasagna Party, developed by Balio Studio, will be dropping onto all consoles next month.

garfield lasagna party
Look at these creatures. They are toasting bread. (Image: Microids)

Garfield Lasagna Party will be a collection of 30+ mini-games set in places that Garfield fans will know and love, such as Jon’s House and The Pizzeria. Remember those? Of course, you do. The title will support up to 4 players locally, with players of Garfield Lasagna Party being able to choose between playing as the icon himself Garfield, the wretched little one Nermal, the long-necked ‘Girlfield’ known as Arlene, and the dog much hated by Garfield, Odie.

According to a press release announcing the title, here are just a few of the mini-games that will be available in Garfield Lasagna Party, as well as what they entail:

  • Catch it: Be the first one to catch the toast, but beware of the burned slice!
  • Dog Panic: Escape the horde of dogs while avoiding the obstacles and reach the finish line in first place!
  • Featherweight: Memorise the food packed by your opponents, but be careful not to swallow any chilli peppers. The player who eats the most wins the mini-game.
  • Last Lasagna: Hold on to the lasagna for as long as possible to earn the most points whilst using the tomatoes to slow down your opponents.
  • Slice & Dice: Slice the pizza to split the right amount of pepperoni on each slice!
  • Spring Cleaning: Use your broom to push as many items as possible out of your area.
  • Under The Light: Collect as much lasagna as possible before the time runs out while avoiding Jon’s spotlight!
  • Aspiring Artist: Follow the line the best you can.
Why isn’t Jon part of the celebrations? Why is he trying to spotlight the creatures? (Image: Microids)

At first glance of this game, I noticed something immediately: Jon is not a playable character. Instead, Jon appears in the above screenshot of the Under The Light mini-game, almost as an enemy to Garfield and company. Has Jon finally had enough of Garfield’s reign? Is he finally rising up against his lasagna-loving curse?

Now, I wrote a story around 9 months ago about how Microids announced that three new Garfield games would be coming our way whether we like it or not. This is currently the first Garfield game of the three that has been revealed but is also one that I predicted in the header image of that article. The other one in the header image was ‘Call of Garfield’, which would be a Call of Duty-esque Garfield game. If one was right, maybe the other might be too.

But is it a good idea to give Garfield a gun? He’s powerful enough on his own, it would be unwise to give him more power.

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