God Of War Ragnarök Spoilers Are Beginning To Leak By Accident

God Of War Ragnarök Spoilers Are Beginning To Leak By Accident

God War Ragnarök releases in just two weeks, which means fans will have to be more protective than ever if they want to avoid any potential spoilers, big or small. Over the weekend, screenshots from the game began showing up on Twitter, and those without qualms about discovering potential clues ahead of time have begun poring over them.

Spoiler leaks of big games have become increasingly commonplace, but the manner in which this one appears to have unfolded is stranger than most. It’s not the result of a hack, and doesn’t seem to be due to someone getting a copy of the game early. Instead, as first reported by VGC, a random Twitter account — possibly belonging to a reviewer or YouTuber — is auto-sharing PS5 screenshots of God War Ragnarök, and in the process highlighting some moments that weren’t discussed in recent early impressions of the game.

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Players over on the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit collected them all and started to analyse their potential meaning. A few just look neat. Others are possible clues about various narrative developments in the game. So far, Sony doesn’t appear to have taken any action against the account in question, or sought to have the images removed via DMCA takedown request.

The direct sequel to 2018’s critically-acclaimed God of War reboot, expectations are riding high for Ragnarök. The previous game was a cinematic and combat-rich showcase for the PS4, and while the new game remains cross-gen, Sony recently revealed players can run Ragnarök at up to 120fps on PS5 (as long as it’s hooked up to a HDMI 2.1 display).

Whether it will also manage to steal the show at the 2022 Game Awards the way its predecessor did in 2018 remains to be seen. Sony Santa Monica had at one point envisioned an entire trilogy, but decided to cram the story into just two games instead so that players wouldn’t have to wait “15 years” to see how it all wraps up. They’ll be able to find that out when the game comes out on November 9, unless the rest of the story leaks by then as well.

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