The Next Generation Of The Sims Is Coming — Eventually

The Next Generation Of The Sims Is Coming — Eventually

Today’s Sims Summit event announced what everyone was hoping for: the next generation of The Sims.

Lyndsay Pearson, who heads The Sims brand, repeated that this is an extremely early look at the game, which is years out. Still, it’s news that many fans have been hoping for.

While Pearson never called it The Sims 5, this game that is almost certainly The Sims 5 will have cross-platform play. The first look showed the early game build on both PC and mobile. And no, it’s not The Sims FreePlay or The Sims Mobile. Pearson also alluded to multiplayer, saying you can create alone or with friends. Of course, details were sparse, so it’s unclear how exactly this will all work.

The not-Sims 5 reveal also showed a robust update to what is now Build Mode. You can now more easily customise furniture with various patterns and colours, harkening back to The Sims 3‘s colour wheel, only fancier. Other details, including adding in pillows individually and the ability to move each item on an axis of its own, also have Simmers dreaming of the new build possibilities.


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