December’s PlayStation Plus Freebies Include All Of Mass Effect

December’s PlayStation Plus Freebies Include All Of Mass Effect

Your mate and mine, billbill-kun at Dealabs, has dropped their monthly list of rumoured PlayStation Plus free games for December.

This month’s games, according to the ever-reliable billbil-kun, include the entire Mass Effect: Legendary Edition as well as Biomutant and Divine Knockout.

That Mass Effect: Legendary Edition could feature in this month’s collection is huge by itself. That’s hundreds of hours of gameplay in that one package, for the low, low price of … well, a PlayStation Plus Essentials sub which is about $12 bucks a month. In case there are any of you that have somehow never played Mass Effect before, you’ve now truly got no reason to avoid it any longer (other than the time required to complete all three games in this collection).

Biomutant going free on PlayStation Plus in December is great news as well. I think that game is very strange, but enjoyable in its own weird way. It’s a perfect AA game in many ways. Ambitious beyond its means, and crafted with a grimy aesthetic that any AAA studio would sand down for broader appeal. It’s a 3D action-adventure game about being a weird little mammal with a gun. But not in a fun, cartoony Ratchet & Clank kind of way. In a grotty, post-nuclear, quokkas-evolved-to-understand-warfare kind of way. Play it. You’ll probably like it.

Divine Knockout, or DKO, is a 3v3 party brawler with a chibi art style where everyone plays godlike characters from folklore and mythology. I haven’t played this one yet! However, it looks like very dumb, uncomplicated fun and I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

All of the PlayStation Plus free games for December are available in the PS Plus Essentials tier and above. For everything out on PlayStation Plus next month, make sure you follow our dedicated PS Plus page.

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