The Best Mass Effect Ending Is The One Where Shepard Gives The Illusive Man A Little Kiss

The Best Mass Effect Ending Is The One Where Shepard Gives The Illusive Man A Little Kiss

Everyone knows you don’t talk about the ending of Mass Effect 3. The ripples created by the conclusion to the series’ original trilogy contentious ending are still being felt throughout multiple creative industries to this day.

Anyway, I’m now going to throw the No Talking About The Ending Of Mass Effect rule out the window, because I have seen the game’s true ending. The ending these games should have had. The one that would have fixed it all and kept us from creating this hellish timeline.

I give you The Kiss And Make Up Ending, in which Shepard and the Illusive Man are compelled to put their grievances aside by the raw power of Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’:

Perfection, honestly. The one true ending of Mass Effect. It’s canon.

This clip is the work of former Bioware dev Violet McVinnie, who, after wrapping production on a game, had a personal tradition of creating her own endings in which the characters would simply kiss and make up. The result, as you can see, is beautiful, schlocky magnificence and a great way to blow off a bit of steam. According to McVinnie, there’s a Dragon Age clip as well. I would kill to see that footage, quite frankly.

McVinnie has worked at numerous studios in her career, including Codemasters and Valve. She’s heading a new studio called Long Way Home, and you can follow her upcoming projects there.

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