This Parody Of The Oregon Trail Ends If You Shit Yourself

This Parody Of The Oregon Trail Ends If You Shit Yourself

Does anybody remember The Oregon Trail? Well, what if there was a way to play it without dying of dysentery?

For those unawareThe Oregon Trail is a classic title that started as a text-based adventure in 1971 before finding its way onto the Apple II in 1985, DOS in 1990, Mac OS in 1991, and Windows in 1993.

It’s one of those educational strategy games where you play a wagon leader leading a party of settlers down the Oregon Trail in the simple year of 1848. It also happens to be the origin of the You Have Died Of Dysentery meme, as your party will very easily die of dysentery.

But what if that didn’t have to be the case? What if your party of settlers was still riddled with dysentery, but all it did was make them need to constantly make mud? Enter You Have Not Died Of Dysentery.

You Have Not Died Of Dysentery is a browser game made by Peter Henningsen, Steven Nass, and Ivy Hu. To put it simply, it’s The Oregon Trail without the fatality of dysentery and just the shitting.

There are all sorts of new dialogue options directly related to how much you need to relieve yourself, and people will comment on just how much you stink if you aren’t able to drop fudge somewhere that isn’t your pants. It’s incredibly stupid. I love it.

The aim of You Have Not Died Of Dysentery is to make it all the way down the Oregon Trail without ‘soiling your breeches’. Of course, to keep it educational, the game includes real articles from the 1800’s for you to read while you’re Shidding And Farding, which is real neat!

If the names Peter Henningsen and Steven Nass sound familiar to you, it’s because they’re also the galaxy brains behind Chris Pratt is Super Mario, and Steven Nass is one of the creators of the DOOM-scrolling Twitter account. They’re in the business of making silly shit that goes hard.

If you decide to give it a go, let us know how long you last before you eventually shit pants! You can’t die, you can only crap. You can play You Have Not Died Of Dysentery here on

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