Elden Ring Gets Free Colosseum PVP DLC After Months Of Fans Begging

Elden Ring Gets Free Colosseum PVP DLC After Months Of Fans Begging

The wait is finally over if you’ve been dying for more Elden Ring content. Just days before The Game Awards, where fans have been (and probably should still be) speculating that developer FromSoftware would announce some sort of add-on for the game, the Japanese studio took to Twitter today to confirm that its most popular Soulslike will get some free DLC in the form of Colosseum, a PvP update coming to the game on December 7.

The Colosseum Update will let you roam The Lands Between with a friend as you “prove your worth in various duels and battles, together or on your own.” It appears to let you enter a gladiator ring of sorts, in which you can set up bouts with your friends to see who is strong enough to become the true Elden Lord. We’ve known about this DLC for a minute, however, as hackers datamined some restricted zones this past March, with more details discovered in October. It’s just that now, finally, after months of fan speculation, FromSoft has spilled the tea.

Revealing this information just days before the commercial festival disguised as gaming awards does seem suspicious, too. As if, they want this PVP announcement out of the way, so they can then start dropping hints at a much bigger chunk of DLC come the Keighleys.

Elden Ring has been a massive success for the Japanese studio, catapulting FromSoftware to the mainstream on the back of the game’s open-world structure, deep lore, and fascinating world-building. It wasn’t without its troubles, though. This past November, anonymous employees have briefly opened up to GamesIndustry.Biz about what it’s like working at the critically acclaimed studio. While some say FromSoft engages in “some level of crunch,” others equate it to playing Dark Souls.

“There’s a lot of struggle to get things right,” a source told GI.Biz. “But if you get over the bump it is very satisfying. It’s just like you defeated a boss in Dark Souls.”


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