We Now Know Who Ashley Johnson And Troy Baker Are Playing In The Last Of Us TV Show

We Now Know Who Ashley Johnson And Troy Baker Are Playing In The Last Of Us TV Show

Ever since we found out that they would be part of its production, there’s been a question hanging over HBO’s TV adaptation of The Last of Us: who will Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker, the game’s two breakout stars, play in the show?

Following this weekend’s new trailer, it seems we have our answer (or at least, part of it).

ashley johnson troy baker
Image: HBO

Johnson appears in one shot in the trailer, holding a child. It appears that she will be playing Ellie’s mother, Anna Williams, a fitting role, considering she originated the character. Fan speculation mounted that Johnson would appear in The Last of Us earlier this year after she appeared on her popular D&D web series Critical Role via Zoom. Upon returning to the show in person, fans noticed her blonde hair had been temporarily dyed a deep burgundy, and the theorising began. Shortly after, it was confirmed that she had, in fact, been away from Critical Role to shoot her scenes in The Last of Us.

Image: HBO

Baker appears to be slotting in a smaller role, playing one of the goons surrounding militia leader David. This feels like a very Baker move, playing a face in the crowd rather than someone more prominent in the story. Theories went around a few months ago that Baker could have been playing David himself, but it doesn’t appear that that’s the case. The show’s version of David is played by Scott Shepherd (El Camino, The Young Pope).

Both Johnson and Baker’s IMDB pages now list their involvement in the show, with Johnson slated to appear in three episodes, while Baker is set to appear in just one.

So there you have it. After months of theorising, the internet detectives now have their answer about who Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker are playing on The Last of Us. Are you surprised? Stoked? Disappointed? Totally and utterly ambivalent? Let us know in the comments below.


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