Community Review: 2022 In Games

Community Review: 2022 In Games

Community review time again, folks! Usually, we dedicate this column to discussing a game of note from the last week or two, the broad community consensus, and then open the floor to you lot in the comments. I thought this time around, we’d set the agenda here and now and then open the floor immediately.

This week’s topic: 2022. When the annals of video game history are written, where will 2022 stack up, in your estimation? Did it deliver games you liked, or not? Was it too busy, or too quiet for your taste? What are your thoughts on the state of the AAA industry as we head into 2023? What about the state of the indie scene? How do you feel about the changes Australia introduced around funding for games development at the state level last year? Did Elden Ring meet your expectations? Were you surprised to see God of War Ragnarok pip it for GOTY in a lot of publications around the traps? What do you make of Microsoft’s Acquisition Blizzard so far, and who do you think will get gobbled up next?

Are we excited about the slate of new games in 2023? Or are we all getting too old for this stuff?

Kick off in the comments below, but let’s keep it fun and friendly.

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