Buy Your Favourite Box Of Shapes (BBQ) And You Could Win An Xbox Series S

Buy Your Favourite Box Of Shapes (BBQ) And You Could Win An Xbox Series S

For some reason, Arnott’s has teamed up with Xbox to make you love Shapes more than you thought you possibly could. In fact, for every Shapes box you buy, you’ll have the chance to win an Xbox Series S console every hour.

That’s right, from February 6 to April 26, if you buy any pack of Shapes (BBQ is the only answer), you’ll have the opportunity to snag the smallest, sleekest Xbox console. How fun is that?

As we already know, gaming and snacking go hand in hand. I mean, we have a whole ass column called Snacktaku where we talk about snacks that are semi-related to gaming.

But being able to possibly win a whole Xbox? We’re obsessed with that idea and I’m going to buy 50 packets of BBQ Shapes after I finish writing this. That’s actually not that unusual for me but it’s nice to know that until April 26 I have an excuse to look like a Shapes freak and maybe get an Xbox out of it.

Arnott’s are giving you the chance to win an Xbox Series S with every Shapes box you buy. Image: Supplied

If you’re a numbers person (I can’t count past 30 on a good day) I have some banging stats for you.

Apparently, an estimated 92% of Aussie households have a gaming device in their home, based on IGEA 2021 report. Whilst not all of them are Xbox’s, it’s cool to see that many people are into gaming.

It’s also a pretty safe bet to assume that almost all of those households also have a packet of Arnott’s Shapes in their pantry. Right now, I have Jatz, BBQ Shapes and Chicken Crimpy’s. Do I have a problem? Maybe. Will I stop? No. Not when now I can get my hands on an Xbox Series S.

For your chance to win the Xbox Series S, all you have to do is purchase any Shapes pack (with or without the promo printed on-pack) but make sure you keep your receipt.

Then, head on over to the Shapes Win website and enter your details and upload your receipt to see if you have won an Xbox instantly.

BBQ Shapes are the best flavour there is and there is no other discussion. I mean, there’s a reason that’s the only box in the promo images. So if you eat any other option, you actually can’t enter the competition. Sorry! I don’t make the rules.

Just kidding, obviously! Buy whatever Shapes you want, but I will be judging you.

Even if you don’t win an Xbox Series S, you still have a box of Shapes, which is still a win in my eyes.

Good luck, gamers.

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