Don’t Sleep On Keke Palmer’s Amazing Twitch Streams

Don’t Sleep On Keke Palmer’s Amazing Twitch Streams

Another big-name celebrity has found their way to Twitch. Keke Palmer, the long-time actress and TV personality who most recently starred in Jordan Peele’s Nope, has become a full-fledged livestreamer on Amazon’s platform after getting her channel set up earlier this month.

Palmer has been in the spotlight for almost two decades now, making her film debut in Kevin Rodney Sullivan’s 2004 comedy Barbershop 2: Back in Business. She’s since lent her talents to a number of films and shows, from the 2011 reboot of the Winx Club to 2012’s Ice Age: Continental Drift and beyond, while performing in Cinderella on Broadway stage play and recording a solo album. Palmer’s also done philanthropic work with the Boys & Girls Clubs, is a staunch Black Lives Matter supporter, and has been using her activism to highlight “a new generation” of Black creators through her digital platform KeyTV. She’s appeared in commercials and podcasts and, as of this year, started livestreaming The Sims 4 on Instagram to thousands of viewers.

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Now, the multi-talented creative can add “Twitch streamer” to her multi-hyphenated resumé as she’s gone live a few times this month after getting her channel up and running. And she’s growing kind of fast despite only going live just three times this week, with her broadcasts pulling in tens of thousands of viewers at a time and her channel already reaching almost 30,000 followers. I suppose that makes sense; she is a pretty well-known celebrity, after all. However, she’s also pretty hilarious on stream, hollering and shouting as loud as my auntie or sister would. For example, Palmer went live on February 7 to play a little The Sims 4, messing around with the character creator and having a few laughs. But on February 8, she took things up a notch to stream Tekken 7.

As you can see in the above tweet, Palmer is a capital-G gamer. Playing Nina Williams in an online match against a Katarina Alves fighter, Palmer shit-talked the other person while putting massive amounts of pressure on them. “There is no reason for you to be coming for me like this,” she said. “Girl! I’m so tired of you. Because what is the reason? What is the goddamn reason? And don’t even know how to block. Now, stop that! Girl!” She won that bout, but this was just one instance out of an entire 50-minute livestream that was incredibly fun to watch. During her Tekken 7 broadcast, Palmer bounced between Ling Xiaoyu and Nina, getting bodied while also bodying folks online. The best part? Though wondering if she “still got it” on Twitter, it appears Palmer was mostly button-mashing on her PS4. She threw out a few optimal combos here and there, but she repeated a handful of the same moves on stream. I’ll forgive the repetition because Palmer is hilarious to watch as she tells folks online she’s “tired of their stank attitude” and screams so loud the audio cuts out for a moment. Auntie Palmer is gaming, y’all.

Kotaku reached out to Palmer for comment.

This is pretty awesome to see, and not just because I’m a Twitch viewer (and reporter) and a Tekken fan. The crossover between public celebrity and internet personality works well for Palmer’s explosive antics, which makes her extremely entertaining to watch whenever she goes live. It’s unclear how often Palmer will livestream as she doesn’t have a schedule setup or anything — and she’s likely very busy between her multiple business ventures — but I know I’ll be tuning in to see what she’s playing.


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