Here’s How To Unlock The New Geralt Skin In Fortnite

Here’s How To Unlock The New Geralt Skin In Fortnite

After being teased at the start of the current chapter and season, Geralt of Rivia is finally, finally in Fortnite. The wait for his arrival has been a rather long one, so let’s not waste any time. How do we unlock the White Wolf?

Below, you’ll find a short and sweet guide on how to unlock Geralt in Fortnite in the quickest possible way. For those who were hoping to get the skin and bank it right away, Fortnite wants more from you than that (because of course it does). The Geralt skin is tied to a multi-stage questline. That questline is tied to the current battle pass, so you’ll need to have that purchased and active to even get started.

For those that do have the battle pass and are keen to unlock the Geralt skin, here’s the fast track to ticking off this week’s quests. Among the rewards this week are melee weapons, emotes, sprays, gliders, and loading screens. If you can tick these off this week, you’ll be in great standing for the next batch of quests.

And don’t worry if you can’t play every day! You’ll have six weeks to tick these off, so feel free to take your time.

The Fortnite x Geralt of Rivia questline

Activate reality augments in five different matches

This one is fairly straightforward. Augments are a new mechanic added to Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season One. Augments are a exactly what they sound like, a series of randomised character upgrades that allow you to create a kind of build. Choosing the right ones, or using a few weird ones in the right way, may convey a game-winning advantage.

The easiest way to knock this task over is to start a match and drop into a reasonably quiet part of the map. Once you’re there, find yourself a sheltered spot and sit tight. Augments roll in on a timer. Once your first augment arrives, pick any one you like, and quit the match. Load up another game, drop in, and repeat the process. There’s no penalty for leaving a Fortnite match in progress, so you should have this challenge ticked off in no time.

Complete three bounties

Some of you are already rolling your eyes. Bounties are optional quests that can be picked up from bounty boards strewn around the map. You’ll be given a specific player that you must hunt down and eliminate, along with a proximity tracker to give you a broad idea of where they are. Take them down to end the bounty and earn yourself some bonus XP. One of the easier ways to complete bounties is to undertake them with a squad. That way, anyone in your squad can get the kill shot and have the bounty count, and you can strategise a little more. Alternatively, you can go it alone in solos and try to 1v1 your way to victory.

Chances are you’ll have to grind this one out over a few matches. Don’t be discouraged if you get killed trying to claim a bounty — your quarry will be random, and there’s no way to know who you’re up against until you have them in your sights.

Defeat a boss

This is one of the easier challenges to complete. All you need to do here is round up a full four-stack squad and pay a visit to the Ageless Champion in the Citadel. Put him to the firing squad and tick this challenge off. You only have to take him down once to complete this challenge.

Emote in the Citadel throne room

Once you’ve landed on the Citadel and dropped the Ageless Champion like a sack of potatoes, feel free to dab on him. Challenge complete.

Deal 500 melee weapon damage to opponents

This one’s a little harder to do, but there are ways you can make it easier on yourself. For this one, we recommend getting hold of a Shockwave Hammer and going to town. You can almost always get one from the Citadel as a starting location. Once you have it in hand, make some noise. Draw your opponents in and then, as a hero from an entirely different game would say, Hammer Down. The benefit of the Shockwave Hammer is that it does a great deal of splash damage, so if you can land in the middle of a group of players and start swinging, you’ll rack up melee damage very quickly.

Unlock all Page One challenges

This challenge obviously completes itself, as you tick off each individual challenge.

Complete Page 2 next week!

We regret to inform you that unlocking Geralt is a multi-week affair. You’ll need to pop back in next week to see what next week’s challenges bring.

Fortnite is free to play on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android. The Geralt of Rivia skin is time-limited, and available on all platforms.

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