Redfall To Launch With Denuvo, Will Require Constant Online Connection

Redfall To Launch With Denuvo, Will Require Constant Online Connection

Arkane’s upcoming vampire shooter Redfall will launch on Steam with the controversial Denuvo anti-piracy software, as well as requiring players on both PC and Xbox to have a constant internet connection to play even in single-player mode.

The Bethesda-published, Arkane-developed Redfall is described as an open-world, single player and co-op FPS where you (and potentially some buddies) are tasked with unravelling the mystery behind the appearance of vampires on the island town of Redfall, Massachusetts.

From recent looks at the game, it actually looks pretty cool. While earlier looks at the game had many comparing it to Left 4 Dead, its developers have likened it more to a vampire-filled Far Cry experience. Visually, it looks cool as hell!

As mentioned prior, you can play the game either on your own or with buddies. However, according to reports from NME and PCGamer, a recent Redfall Q&A post on the Bethesda website has stated that Redfall players will need a “persistent online connection” even for single-player. Additionally, a account is required to play.

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Screenshot: Bethesda / Kotaku Australia

So why does Redfall need a constant internet connection to play, even when you’re not playing with your friends online? Well, well, well. I’m glad you asked. Most likely, it’s because Redfall will be using the Denuvo anti-piracy software, as revealed on its Steam page.

Denuvo is a pretty controversial DRM software for a number of reasons. The software renders games unplayable unless players are connected to the internet for regular online verification. On top of that, Denuvo has been alleged to cause performance issues in games, with titles such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition dropping the software post-paunch after complaints.

Recently, Hogwarts Legacy was revealed to be another game that will use the Denuvo software on launch, which makes sense considering there are probably a whole lot of people that want to play it without putting money towards the author of the IP it’s based on.

So if you’ve got an unreliable ISP or you simply live here in Australia, one of the worst countries in terms of internet services, sorry! Too bad, so sad!


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