Would This Gigantic Company Of Heroes 3 Diorama Fit In Your House?

Would This Gigantic Company Of Heroes 3 Diorama Fit In Your House?

WW2 strategy title Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition arrives tomorrow, May 30th, and its local publisher is holding a competition to celebrate.

The prize? A giant Company of Heroes 3 diorama into which it has built a working Xbox Series X. The whole diorama is reportedly valued at $10,000, and was created by Geelong-based fabricator TagMods. If you want to enter, you need to be an Australian resident, be over 15 years of age, and will be run via Five Star Games’ social media platforms. You’ll have to tell them what your best real-life application of COH3‘s Tactical Pause feature is to go in the draw. Entries open tomorrow and close at midnight on June 13th.

Alright, sure, it looks cool and was clearly made with a great deal of care. But I have a serious question about the Company of Heroes 3 diorama and I feel like it might be relevant to a lot of people: exactly how big is it? Five Star’s press release did not contain any information about its dimensions, but it did send over a few assets and oh my god.

company of heroes console
Image: Five Star Games
company of heroes console
Image: Five Star Games

I mean, it seems big.

The main picture Five Star has supplied features the diorama placed near a garage door for scale, and is taking up an entire square tabletop. Is this the biggest Xbox Series X ever made?

If this diorama is as big as it seems to be, my question is: where the hell is a person supposed to put this thing? Where in my home, your home, any home, will it fit? I’ve lived in sharehouses with Warhammer fiends, people who dedicate an astounding chunk of the floorspace to tabletop modelling that looks just like this, and they wouldn’t have been able to find room for this. The fact that it’s been photographed in a garage suggests to me that not even Five Star had somewhere to put it.

I hope you can open the church and take the console out. Otherwise, how on earth is anyone going to hook it up to their TV?

You probably could use it for Warhammer terrain though. Just thinking out loud here.

If you didn’t play Company of Heroes 3 when it launched on PC, resident strategy head Luke reviewed it when it launched in February. You can read his thoughts right over here. He thought it was pretty good, and as Kotaku’s resident strategy expert, Luke isn’t known for being an easy marker.

Company of Heroes 3 Console Edition drops tomorrow, May 30th, for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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