Deeply Cursed Hamilton Simulator Comes To Roblox

Deeply Cursed Hamilton Simulator Comes To Roblox

In cursed gaming collaborations I didn’t think I’d ever have to perceive, Hamilton Simulator (yes, the musical) is available now on Roblox

According to the trailer, Hamilton Simulator involves recruiting “a squad based off all your favourite Hamilton characters,” and rap battling to defeat enemies. “Take your shot as you traverse 10 worlds, straight from the world of Hamilton,” the description reads. Whether the iconic Roblox death noise gets a Hamilton twist is unfortunately unclear as of yet.

If you’re a big musical fan, the new Hamilton Simulator allows you to experience Lin Manuel Miranda’s world in all the blocky goodness of Roblox. The listing promises 15 different companions with unique attacks as well as a soundtrack and locations from the musical, with characters like James Madison and Phillip Hamilton amongst those joining the roster. It looks like each companion also comes with their own unique stats.

Matt Edelman, president and chief commercial officer for Super League (the team behind the Hamilton Simulator), explained the move in a statement on release. “A once-in-a-generation cultural touchstone, Hamilton has expanded horizons and entertained legions of global fans, and now will be introduced to the massive global audience in the immersive world on Roblox,” he said. “We are grateful to the creators for allowing us to bring the music and majesty of Hamilton to an engaged and passionate community on such a powerful platform.”

Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda said the partnership highlighted, “the creativity and limitless fun made possible by artistic collaboration across mediums,” in a recent press release. “I can’t wait to see how people will shape their own adventures, forge new connections, and experience Hamilton in an entirely new and interactive way with Roblox.

While I’m a fan of Hamilton as much as the next person, this crossover is deeply cursed as far as collaborations between gaming and other media forms go – although perhaps it’s slightly less cursed than a Fortnite crossover would be (I patiently wait for it). 

If you’re keen to check it out for yourself and see what all the fuss is about, it’s available now for Roblox (and there’s no Robux needed). While you’re at it, you could also get a job interview in-game for the massive content creation platform/video game – maybe you can rap battle to get through to second-round interviews?

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