Is This What The New Xbox Series X Looks Like?

Is This What The New Xbox Series X Looks Like?

We may now know what the revised, second-generation Xbox Series X looks like, and it seems rather … round.

The supposed design for a revised mid-gen Series X was unearthed by internet sleuths poring over a trove of court filings from the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard trial. The new screens, which would appear to be slides from a larger deck outlining a number of upcoming launch milestones, detail not only the revised outer shell of the Xbox Series X, but a new controller codenamed Sebile that would seem to soften the controller’s edges somewhat.

As collated by Wario64 on Twitter, the (allegedly) revised Xbox Series X features a few upgrades over the current model — storage leaps from 500GB to 1TB on the Series S and from 1TB to 2TB on the Series X. A USB-C port is added to the front of the console, and the disc drive is completely removed. The price point, as the breakout box on the console slide cheerfully points out, remains the same.

The controller also gets a number of upgrades on the current Xbox Controller. Its control sticks are now “modular”, which may mean Xbox intends to implement the Xbox Elite 2 controller’s swappable sticks across models. It also mentions that the sticks and buttons are now quieter overall (thank god). It includes a new “lift-to-wake” feature designed to help save battery, though it appears the controller still takes an external (though rechargeable) battery pack. The controller appears to be constructed from recycled materials and with less resin overall. It has also apparently been designed for easy disassembly and repair (which rocks. Big fan of more customer avenues for repair).

A fourth slide suggests that Xbox is looking at a release window between September and October 2024 for both the Series S (codenamed Ellewood) and the Series X (codenamed Brooklin).

If you’d like to pour through the full court filings yourself, you can do so here.

So. Bit on here. What do we think? Let’s all gather round and speak our truth now. If this revised Xbox Series X and controller are real, what’s your feeling? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Do you think it looks a bit like an air purifier? Let us know in the comments.

Lead image: Xbox

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