All The Villains Spider-Man 2 Seems To Tease For A Future Sequel

All The Villains Spider-Man 2 Seems To Tease For A Future Sequel

Editor’s note: Spoilers abound for the conclusion of the Spider-Man 2 campaign and many of its side quests. Finish it all off and then come back after! — David

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Spider-Man 2 does not appear to be the end of Peter and Miles’ story on PlayStation if the end of the game’s campaign is anything to go by. Insomniac’s latest super-hero title closes out by teasing multiple villains for a third still-unconfirmed game. I know it’s early to be talking about any potential Spider-Man 3 yet, but the game did put these villain teases right on front street, so let’s talk about ’em.

Below, you’ll find a list of villains and anti-heroes teased in Spider-Man 2 for inclusion in potential future sequels or DLC.

The Green Goblin

As seen in the campaign’s final moments, a distraught Norman Osborn tells a subordinate to start warming up the G-Serum as a last-ditch method of saving his dying son Harry. Fans have been waiting for one member of the Osborn family or another to transform into the Green Goblin, and it seems that moment is rapidly approaching. Whether it will be Norman or Harry that ultimately takes the serum remains to be seen. If it ends up being Harry that takes the serum, I would like to see Insomniac go with the lesser-known Hobgoblin instead of the now very familiar Green Goblin.

The Sinister Six

A second mid-credits sequence features Osborn paying a visit to Otto Octavius in his cell on The Raft. Though Octavius makes it clear he has no love for Osborn, he does drop a couple of details about a plan in the offing, one that appears to involve members of The Sinister Six, like Rhino and Electro, that survived Kraven’s assault on New York.


Chameleon makes his grand and rather unexpected appearance in Spider-Man 2 once the player clears out of Kraven’s hunter blinds around New York. The questline’s final mission takes Spidey to a penthouse apartment in Midtown full of paintings scrubbed of their faces and masks on statue busts. As Spider-Man investigates the apartment, it becomes clear who lives there and why he would want to lure Kraven into his clutches. Chameleon, real name Dmitri Smerdyakov, is a master of disguise, able to flawlessly impersonate just about anyone. He’s also canonically Kraven’s half-brother and every bit as dangerous as his sibling. That he already has a Spider-Man mask in his possession says nothing good about his future plans. Chameleon’s cameo ends with him issuing a promise to do what his brother could not.


The final step of Peter’s quest to stop a cult full of firebugs running amok in New York sees him go toe-to-toe with their leader, The Flame. Peter and his partner, former cop turned vigilante Yuri Watanabe (Wraith) fail to stop The Flame, though Peter does stop Wraith from killing the cult leader. The Flame escapes with a canister of the black alien symbiote ooze in his hand. As he escapes, he promises that, no matter where he goes next, there will be carnage. As he utters this final, meaningful word, the symbiote in the jar flashes a vibrant, menacing red, revealing its true identity.


As a final post-credits sting to end the Spider-Man 2 campaign, Miles is at home in Brooklyn with his new girlfriend Hailey. It appears he has arranged a double date with his mother, who has been looking for a moment to introduce him to the man she has been dating. As the mystery man arrives for the double date, he introduces himself to Miles as Arthur Moon, and apologises for bringing his daughter along. His daughter Cindy.

Cindy Moon will be familiar to fans as the Spider heroine Silk. What part she will have to play in any future Spider-Man game by Insomniac remains to be seen, but her inclusion here is very interesting indeed.

Let us know what you think. Which villains would you like to see in Spider-Man 3? Get in the comments down below.

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