Super Mario RPG Hasn’t Ditched Its Dirtiest Secret, Much To Everyone’s Surprise

Super Mario RPG Hasn’t Ditched Its Dirtiest Secret, Much To Everyone’s Surprise

Super Mario RPG is out in just over ten days, and more details continue to surface online – including the remake seemingly retaining a potentially spicy little detail about finding ‘Peach’s ???’ in her room.

A Super Mario RPG screenshot shared to X (formerly Twitter) by Nintendo Life shows Mario standing in Princess Peach’s room, facing a wall, with the dialogue box below informing the player that they’ve ‘found Peach’s ???’ It’s not clear exactly what the ??? is, but given the player is snooping around in someone’s room, it’s anyone’s guess what kind of unmentionables Peach has stored deep within the walls. It’s an interesting thing to keep in the game given Nintendo’s usual penchant for family-friendly games, but of course, whatever Peach has hidden in her room could well be completely benign and PG -13 (I simply choose to believe it’s a dirty joke).

While this little moment might not seem like much if you’ve not played the original Super Mario RPG, it’s actually a direct reference to the Super Nintendo game – where you could enter Princess Peach’s room, and find ‘Toadstool’s ???’ (or Peach’s XXX) in a very particular spot. 

In the original Super Mario RPG, Mario gets scolded for “peeking into other people’s rooms” and not respecting Peach’s personal belongings if he looks at the ??? after she joins his party. Unfortunately, in-game, players don’t get a look at what the item is, either, but it’s implied it’s very private. It’s possible we might see Mario cop it for snooping around Peach’s things in the remake on launch, but whether we get any answers finally as to what exactly is so private it has to be lodged into a wall next to a fireplace, we can’t say.

Super Mario RPG
Image: Nintendo

On top of just being a bit questionable as a scenario that is entertaining in its own right, the inclusion of this tiny detail is also a heartening sign for OG fans that the game is likely to be pretty bloody faithful

What do you think Peach’s ??? in Super Mario RPG is? 

Personally, my vote is that it’s an absolutely massive [redacted].

Lead Image Credit: Nintendo

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