Star Wars Squadrons Is Just $2.50 On Steam Right Now

Star Wars Squadrons Is Just $2.50 On Steam Right Now

A PSA for your afternoon. Star Wars: Squadrons, one of the better titles in the EA stable, is currently on sale for just $AU2.50.

Star Wars: Squadrons released in 2020. It’s a short and sweet little game. It’s a love letter to legendary LucasArts titles like X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. It even throws in some Rogue Squadron-styled mission design thrown in for good measure. You’ll pilot various ships from the Star Wars universe, including the ever popular X-Wings and TIES. However, there are other beauties, like lumbering Y-Wing bombers and white-knuckle TIE Interceptors to get to grips with.

Rattle in the manifold

One of the things that made the game really special was the attention to detail paid to each ship’s interior. Instrument panels are rendered in loving detail from what was used in the films. If you have a great pair of headphones at home, put them on. The sound design in Star Wars: Squadrons should have won awards. You can hear your X-Wing bending and rattling around you as you maneuver it through a dogfight. The sound of the rivets straining to hold the ship together under load fills your ears with every swoop and dive. It helps sell the feeling of being in control of a real dusty old bucket of bolts. It’s the VB Commodore of Starfighters, and the sound makes you feel it.

I really enjoyed my time with it, and I think that $2.50 is an insanely good price for it. To sweeten the pot: EA Firemonkeys here in Melbourne did quite a bit of support development on Squadrons. You’ll be adding a game to your library with some Australian DNA in it, and that’s never a bad thing.

Squadrons is discounted in the Steam Winter Sale, so grab it before the sale ends on January 5 (AEDT). It’s also going for $AU2.50 on the Epic Games Store.

Image: Electronic Arts

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