Microsoft Might Be Considering Bringing Starfield, Indiana Jones To PS5

Microsoft Might Be Considering Bringing Starfield, Indiana Jones To PS5

Rumours continue to to suggest that Microsoft’s first party exclusives might not stay that way. A slew of fresh reports indicate there’s more than Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves that might jump to rival platforms PlayStation 5 and Switch. In the space of just 24 hours, two more major Bethesda titles have been engulfed in rumours that they’ll make the jump to other platforms – Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Anonymous sources told XboxEra that Microsoft could be planning to bring Bethesda’s newest space RPG to PlayStation 5 after the release of the Shattered Space expansion this year. The sources also noted that Microsoft has made “additional investment into PlayStation 5 dev kits to support ongoing development efforts.” Microsoft senior leadership has allegedly debated the option of releasing exclusive titles on other platforms. While not all parties internally are happy with the choice, the potential revenue “left on the table” by not launching games on additional platforms has “arguably won out.”

PS5 ports of exclusives that are already out

Starfield launched in August 2023 on Xbox and PC after much hype and many years of development. Within a week of launching, 6 million players piled in to try it. Despite relatively positive reviews from critics and players alike at launch, the Bethesda title has since drawn increasingly negative sentiment from the community. This makes it an interesting time to potentially launch it on other platforms.

The XboxEra report comes alongside suggestions from the same sources that Hi-Fi Rush was tentatively planned for a Q1 release on rival platforms, with Microsoft expected to make a public announcement on its new, exclusives-free cross-platform strategy later this month. Hi-Fi Rush recently came under further scrutiny after dataminers found what appeared to be PlayStation and Nintendo exclusive T-shirt designs alongside Xbox, Steam, and Epic Games Store designs in an anniversary update patch.

PS5 ports of exclusives that are still in development

Starfield and Hi-Fi Rush aren’t the only first-party Microsoft exclusives rumoured to be making the move to additional platforms. The Verge reports that Bethesda was considering bringing the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to PS5. Sources said a “new multi-platform approach for certain Xbox games is emerging inside Microsoft,” with the company deciding which titles would remain exclusives and which would eventually launch on PS5 or Switch.

Sources suggested that the Indiana Jones game would launch first as an Xbox console exclusive for a relatively short period – with a potential PS5 release possibly even only a few months later after a tentative December 2024 launch on Xbox and PC. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle was initially planned for multiple consoles according to details revealed during the FTC v. Microsoft case last year. Bethesda’s former head of publishing Pete Hines testified that Disney held a contract for multiple consoles, but that the deal was then amended to exclusively launch on Xbox after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda.

While currently, there’s no official confirmation that any of these Microsoft first-party exclusives will actually be porting over to rival platforms any time soon if at all, the suggestion that Microsoft is considering changing up its strategy when it comes to exclusives is an interesting notion. If the company is, in fact looking to broaden its horizons to capitalise on a wider player base, it does pose an important question, one Xbox may not want to answer. Is there trouble in paradise? How badly is the current Game Pass model eating into major release sales that Xbox would feel the need to change things up?

While we may not find out what brought about such a potential shift in strategy from Microsoft, we’ll be watching for further updates, and will keep you posted.

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