Twitch Streamer Prangs Car While Streaming

Twitch Streamer Prangs Car While Streaming

On April 1, Twitch streamer and content creator MeltIsLIVE, aka Melt, was involved in a car crash while driving and using his phone during an “in real life” (IRL) stream. While it appears nobody was seriously injured, Melt was seemingly banned from Twitch due to his behavior.

As reported by Dexerto on April 2, on Monday night Twitch content creator Melt was streaming himself driving around in his car at night, checking his phone, and interacting with his audience. He was reportedly spending a lot of time talking to and responding to his stream’s chat while behind the wheel of his vehicle.

At one point during the stream, Melt appeared to receive a text message and showed his audience his phone’s screen before explaining that he was going to stop his car and pull over.

“‘On everything I love’ she just texted me that,” said Melt, referring to a previous conversation. “‘On everything-’ Chat hold up. Let me just pull over real quick so that Twitch doesn’t be on my dick.”


A few seconds later—after he put his phone down—Melt tried to pull over. In the footage, it seems the streamer was trying to merge into a lane and directly crashed into a car that he didn’t see. The car he hits can be spotted behind Melt in the video moments before the accident.

After the crash, Melt took a few seconds to recover before he picked up his phone again and continued to stream, showing his audience the damage to the front of his car. He then began yelling at the other driver, who appeared to be chatting on the phone with someone about what had happened.

“You ain’t going to say nothing, bruh?” asked Melt. “Bro, you ain’t going to say nothing? You’re saying what? You’re not going to say nothing, bruh? You just hit my shit, bruh!”

Dexerto reports that later in the stream Melt asked his mods to delete the VOD footage of the crash. However, it’s not clear if that happened. Regardless, shortly after the crash, on April 1, Twitch banned Melt’s account.

Kotaku reached out to Melt about the crash and the ban. It’s unclear at the moment if Twitch banned Melt over the incident, but it seems likely as it would violate the streaming site’s community guidelines that prohibit “dangerous” or “distracted” driving while using a phone on a stream.

On Twitter, about 10 minutes after being banned, Melt tweeted: “MM I LOVE YALL, WE GON COME BACK FROM THIS!! MINOR SETBACK FOR A MAJOR COME BACK!! GOD IS GOOD”

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