14 Classic Science Fiction Ships Recreated In Starfield

14 Classic Science Fiction Ships Recreated In Starfield

Starfield lets you take the controls of massive starships to both cruise the cosmos and blast hostile spacefarers into smithereens. It also has a pretty snappy, powerful ship-building feature, so you can come up with your own ship designs or, if you’re so inclined, recreate some of science fiction’s most legendary vessels.

Here we’ve rounded up 14 of the coolest spaceships fans have recreated so far, including vessels from Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, and that damn Joss Whedon show with the undying fanbase.

Battlestar Galactica’s Battlestar Galactica

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / VRboi69420

Starfield’s ship builder skews more toward blocky designs, making ships with smoother curves a little harder to recreate. But that didn’t stop VRboi69420 from cranking out a solid Galactica build based on the 2003 Battlestar Galactica remake. At least you won’t have to worry about frakin’ Cylons invading this one.

Firefly’s Serenity

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / neok182

Sorry, but there’ll never be a gorram season two of Firefly, and that one somewhat good-looking video game adaptation that recorded lines from the show’s cast is probably never happening (check out Rebel Galaxy Outlaw instead). But Firefly fans gotta keep flying. Reddit user neok182 built a very faithful tribute to the ill-fated space western by way of a Serenity build. We hope they aim to misbehave.

Star Wars Consular-Class Space Cruiser

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / DaMightyMilkman

DaMightyMilkman put together their own, remarkably faithful-looking recreation of a classic Star Wars ship: a Consular-Class Space Cruiser. These first appeared in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

Talespin’s Sea Duck

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / okamishojo

Okay this technically isn’t science fiction, but it’s still pretty cool looking. While you can’t recruit Baloo or other furry friends in Starfield, Reddit user okamishojo did the next best thing: Rebuilding the show’s “Sea Duck” vessel in Starfield, fittingly renamed “Space Duck.”

Halo’s UNSC Pelican

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / SteamingHotDataDump / Kotaku

In Starfield you certainly will need a weapon, but if you also need a Pelican, check out SteamingHotDataDump’s Pelican picture guide over on Reddit. Just keep it away from any particularly nasty parasitic life forms while you’re out there.

Star Trek’s USS Enterprise

Gif: Bethesda Game Studios / SP7R / Kotaku

SP7R put together a great tutorial video on how to make your own USS Enterprise in Starfield. What they can’t help you with are any instances of extra-dimensional beings just showing up to mess with your day.

The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / AlanaSP

While the Mantis might be one of the best bounty hunter ships in Starfield, AlanaSP has built an excellent remake of this hunter-worthy Star Wars vessel fit for traversing an entirely different galaxy.

Star Trek’s U.C.S. Voyager

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / GrungeCowBoy73

Hailing from what’s perhaps my second favorite Star Trek series, GrungeCowboy73’s recreation of Voyager’s main ship looks like the perfect place for a woman to begin her transition.

The Expanse’s Rocinante

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / Lexafer

Reddit user Lexafer created a pretty snazzy lookin’ version of The Expanse’s Rocinante as envisioned in the TV adaptation of the novels. And whether you identify as an Earther, Belter, or hail from elsewhere, at least you don’t have to steal this one from the Martian marines.

Knights of the Old Republic’s Ebon Hawk

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / Scary_Xenomorph

While that KotOR remake languishes in uncertainty, why not consider building your own Ebon Hawk right here in Starfield? Reddit user Scary_Xenomorph created a fitting tribute to the legendary sci-fi RPG with their version of the classic ship.

Star Trek’s Klingon Bird of Prey

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / GrungeCowBoy73

Qapla`! GrungeCowBoy73 also created a Bird of Prey from Star Trek, perfect for those pre-dog fight moments where you simply must exclaim that today is, in fact, a good day to die.

Battlestar Galactica’s Viper Mark III

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / DoomWZ

Perfect for roleplaying a solo daredevil, DoomWZ’s Viper Mark III sure is a looker. Hopefully it won’t fly you into any strange, series-wrecking plot twists.

Cowboy Bebop’s Swordfish II

Bethesda Game Studios / chatsubo_dude

YouTuber chatsubo_dude whipped together a solid interpretation of the Swordfish II, Spike Spiegel’s red spaceship from Cowboy Bebop. Following their guide, I put it together—though I’ve called mine “Swordfish I” since it’s not totally complete—and can confidently say this has become the best ship I own. It’s fast, light, has lots of health and shields, and can dish out some serious damage while holding quite a bit of cargo. It’s a dope ship that’s become even better with chatsubo_dude’s upgraded model. So, remember the first rule of combat: Shoot them before they shoot you. See you, Space Cowboy. — Levi Winslow

Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon

Screenshot: Bethesda Game Studios / Krunkstep77

I’m not sure how many parsecs this thing is capable of, but Krunkstep77 took a few stabs at recreating the iconic Star Wars ship and the results are pretty sweet.

And that’s it for our roundup of sci-fi classic ship builds in Starfield. Have you seen any other cool ones, or better yet, built some of your own?

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