Danny DeVito Says He’d Play Wario In Mario Movie Sequel And Fans Want It To Happen So Badly

Danny DeVito Says He’d Play Wario In Mario Movie Sequel And Fans Want It To Happen So Badly

With a sequel to 2023’s Super Mario Bros. Movie currently in the works, it’s only natural for fans to start casting the new characters they want to appear. Anyone from Yoshi to King Boo is on the table for a sequel, and they will all likely be voiced by some high-profile talent. One character fans are hollering for is Wario, the devious double of Mario, and Danny DeVito is already putting his hat in the ring to voice the loveable weirdo.

In an interview with YouTuber The Movie Dweeb, the notion of DeVito playing Wario in the Mario movie sequel was raised, to which DeVito responded, “Tell them I’ll take them to the cleaners, but I should be in the movie.” While that’s not confirmation in any way, and only lightly suggests he would be up for it, the internet has already latched onto the casting and refuses to let go. Why? Because it’s undeniably perfect.

A lot of people are quick to point out that this casting wouldn’t even be that out there for the movie or DeVito. 2023’s Super Mario Bros. Movie is full of big talent like Jack Black, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Seth Rogen. Even DeVito’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia co-star Charlie Day is in the movie as the voice of Luigi.

Animation studio Illumination also has a history of working with DeVito, first as the voice of the Lorax in 2012 and most recently as a voice in 2023’s Migration. But it seems like a lot of fans just want DeVito to embody the personality he brings to his Always Sunny character Frank, which does fit the vibe of Wario.

But of course the real appeal is just DeVito himself being his own type of weirdo in the best way. People love the guy, and they want him in The Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel. Badly! “I would PAY to see this. And I didn’t even like the first one,” writes one user on social media. Another asserts that they “want this more than Super Mario Galaxy 3.”

This isn’t the first time fans have wanted Danny DeVito in a Nintendo movie. He was once many people’s dream casting for Detective Pikachu, a role that went to Ryan Reynolds. Though the role never seemed like quite the fit, since he famously said “What the F is Pokémon” when asked directly about the franchise. But he does know who Wario is. So at least there’s a chance this time!


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