Destiny 2 Suffers Massive Leak Ahead Of The Final Shape After PS5 Players Access The Expansion Early [Update]

Destiny 2 Suffers Massive Leak Ahead Of The Final Shape After PS5 Players Access The Expansion Early [Update]

Destiny 2: The Final Shape isn’t out until June 4, but after some PlayStation 5 players were seemingly able to access the expansion early using Sony’s cloud gaming services, some of its biggest secrets are already spreading across the internet. Full screenshots of new loot, raid exotics, and even partial cutscenes are popping up across various YouTube channels, Discord servers and subreddits.

The Final Shape appeared to be playable on PS5 for several hours last night, with some players accessing the long-awaited DLC via streaming. There is speculation that Sony may have mistakenly pushed out the new build for Bungie’s game onto the PlayStation Network early, though there hasn’t yet been any confirmation of how players were able to access the content. The end result, however, is that lore entries, info on the next seasonal update Echoes, and even references to raid mechanics for The Final Shape have now leaked ahead of schedule.

Sony and Bungie did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Final Shape is set to conclude 10 years of storytelling in the sci-fi loot shooter series, with new and old players alike facing off against The Witness, a powerful alien hellbent on ending all life in the universe. It’s a showdown fans have been waiting a long time for, and one that could be ruined if any big reveals or surprising details spread ahead of time.

Like a lot of live service games, Destiny 2 has long struggled with how to keep its upcoming content and story beats secret due to data mining on PC. Massive leaks have also become more frequent in recent years, between physical copies of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom getting released early and malicious hacks of company data surfacing in-development footage of high-profile games like Grand Theft Auto 6 and Wolverine. In this case at least, the leaks seem to have been self-inflicted.

Update 31/5/2024 3:35 AM AEST: Bungie confirmed the leaks stating that ”a portion of Destiny 2: The Final Shape was accidentally pushed live on PS5’s streaming service.” The studio is encouraging fans to be vigilant against spoilers on social media and to watch out for misinformation. “It’s always extremely difficult when our team’s hard work is leaked early,” the studio tweeted. “But we are still excited for everyone to experience the full release on June 4 together.

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