Fans Can’t Stop Putting Random Pop Culture Characters In Hades 2

Fans Can’t Stop Putting Random Pop Culture Characters In Hades 2

With the release of Hades 2 in Early Access, fans are tearing up the Underworld (and beyond), which already holds so much to discover. In fact, the sequel to Supergiant Games’ seminal 2020 action roguelike is already bigger than the original, despite still being worked on. Among other things, the sequel brings a plethora of new mythological characters to swoon over. That includes the witch Hecate, the strategist Odysseus, and…is that Solaire from Dark Souls? Yup! Inspired by the gorgeous aesthetics of Hades 2, fan artists just can’t stop putting characters from all across media in the new game, and I’m here for it.

Naturally, the first place a lot of people went was other video games. As mentioned, everybody’s favorite Knight of Sunlight, Solaire, makes a stunning appearance in front of Hades 2’s protagonist Melinoë in a piece of art from Mustakro on X (formerly Twitter). The artist followed this up with a rendering of Siegmeyer in the Hades style. But beyond that, people have re-imagined the likes of Kratos from God of War (I mean this one feels apt), Astarion from Baldur’s Gate 3, and Call of Duty’s Ghost as denizens of the underworld, amongst many, many others.

But why stop at video games? Fan artists sure haven’t! Plenty of movie and TV characters have also been Hades-ified. Again, some of these try to keep on theme a bit and place gods (or god-adjacent characters) in the Underworld of Hades. Others might not be gods but just seem like they would be getting themselves in trouble in the many biomes of Hades. (I’m looking at you, Delicious in Dungeon cast.)

Closing out our roundup, we have two especially fun entries in the trend. The first is Jesus reimagined in the Hades art style, and he’s carrying a cute fuzzy lamb. Adorable. But perhaps most importantly, we have none other than Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. I’m only going to put one rendering in this article but just know that there are a lot of Hades-ified Hatsune Miku drawings out there and they are all great.

While Hades 2 is still in Early Access, the game itself has plenty to offer, even if it doesn’t actually have any of these fan inserts. Given that the game is still in development, though, there is still time for Supergiant to find a reason to put Hatsune Miku in Hades 2 for real. Come on Supergiant, you know you want to.

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