Halo Composer Running For U.S. Congress ‘Intends To Win’ Because He’s A ‘Gamer’

Halo Composer Running For U.S. Congress ‘Intends To Win’ Because He’s A ‘Gamer’

A few months ago, former Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell announced he was running for U.S. Congress. And in a new interview, the Halo and Destiny composer says he’ll succeed because he’s a “gamer” and also because, making Halo 2 was harder than governing a nation.

O’Donnell—who was fired from Bungie in 2014, leading to a lawsuit against the company—announced his campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives in March of this year. He’s running for in Nevada’s third congressional district as a Republican, challenging the current Democratic incumbent Susie Lee. Since his announcement, he’s done what you’d expect from a conservative politician, including blaming all our problems on big government, “undocumented” immigrants, and a lack of “old-fashioned family values.” But don’t worry, he’s also keeping up with another important political tradition: providing bad and weird quotes in interviews.

In a recent interview with The Epoch Times, O’Donnell explained that even though his Democratic opponent has far more money and resources than him, he’s not giving up because he’s a gamer.

“I’m a gamer, so I intend to win,” said O’Donnell. “And I’m not going to lose because somebody thinks they can spend more money than me, because they can’t.”

I’m a little bit Reagan, and I’m a little bit rock n’ roll

Elsewhere in the interview, the former Halo composer said that as a young child, he loved music (he always wanted to be a “rock star”) and…conservative politics.

“I sort of split my interests when I was 9 years old,” said the composer. “I was like, Ronald Reagan on one hand, and Paul McCartney on the other hand.”

As for why he—a musician with no political experience—should be elected to Congress, O’Donnell suggested that the government needs fewer lawyers and more people from different backgrounds.

“You don’t want 10 engineers making the game. You want an engineer, an artist, an animator, a composer, a writer, a designer—you want people who just approach the world differently,” explained O’Donnell. “You don’t want all designers. You don’t want all composers. They would be horrible.”

He then added: “Most of the time, you only want one composer.” Hmm.

Finally, O’Donnell suggested that what’s happening in the US government right now is nothing compared to his time making an Xbox-exclusive sci-fi shooter video game.

“What I see happening in Congress is like a walk in the park compared to making Halo 2.”

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