Helldivers 2 Drama: Steam Says It Was All Sony’s Idea

Helldivers 2 Drama: Steam Says It Was All Sony’s Idea

Steam representatives are casually throwing Sony under the bus regarding Helldivers 2 refunds connected to last week’s PR snafu. Multiple player reports depict Steam reps telling players that Sony was indeed the party responsible for enforcing the PSN account mandate that kicked the whole saga into motion, one that later saw the game’s removal from Steam in regions where PSN isn’t supported.

As spotted by Eurogamer, one response posted to Reddit as a screenshot shows a Steam rep informing a player that the game was pulled from regions without PSN “as decided by the publisher.” The message continues, stating that Steam does not know “when the game might be made available in those countries.” The representative then suggests the player contact Sony directly, if interested, to “share your feedback”.

At the time, arguments about who was to blame for last week’s removals flared instantly online. Sony fanboys pointed the finger at Steam and PC purists pointed right back at Sony. Today’s screenshots would seem to conclusively close the argument — it was Sony, the latest in a series of bizarre and uncharacteristic mistakes around the PR blunder.

What’s more is it doesn’t seem like Sony has learnt its lesson yet. Steam is already issuing pre-emptive refunds for Ghost of Tsushima preorders in the same regions where PSN isn’t available, due to that game’s PSN requirement. As reported earlier today, the PC version of Tsushima only needs the PSN requirement for the Legends online multiplayer mode. Developers Sucker Punch say a PSN account is not required to enjoy the single-player version of the game, but that hasn’t stopped Steam from getting ahead of the situation.

Ghost of Tsushima drops on PC later this week. We wait with interest to see what happens next.

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