How To Get Runes In No Rest For The Wicked—And How They Work

How To Get Runes In No Rest For The Wicked—And How They Work

Newly released action RPG No Rest for the Wicked is a punishing ride, especially if you don’t invest time

properly upgrading the weapons at your disposal. While the local blacksmith is of huge help, there are other citizens of the city hub Sacrament that will be happy to aid you. For a price, that is.

One of the main items to keep an eye on is Runes. There are a variety of categories that enhance a specific aspect of your character, and they can be quite powerful if combined correctly. If you’re wondering how to get runes in No Rest for the Wicked, as well as how they work, we’ve got you covered. In addition, we’ll dive into the differences between gems and enchantments, and how they can all work together.

How to get runes in No Rest for the Wicked

If you’re looking to start a collection of runes in No Rest for the Wicked, there are two ways to get them. If you’re lucky and you happen to find a weapon that has a rune with it, you can extract it — doing so will destroy the weapon in the process, however, so make sure that you won’t be using that weapon anymore.

Screenshot: Moon Studios / Kotaku / Diego Argüello

Alternatively, you can purchase a far more limited selection from Eleanor, an NPC over at Sacrament. She’s located toward the western side of the map, right next to Whittacker and past the blacksmith. You can find the initial batch below:

  • Pulse of Health: Heal a portion of your health using Focus.
  • Heal Aura: Summons an aura that heals over time.
  • Repair: Repairs your tools and weapons slightly.
  • Channel: Enhances your next attack.
  • Return: Teleports you back to the last Whisper waypoint you used.

Remember that you can also upgrade Eleanor’s Enchantment Shop as part of the building projects to increase the variety of gems that she has to offer. But all in all, if you want some rare runes, you’ll be better off trying to find rare weapons out in the wild. Loot is randomized, but I hope luck is on your side.

How enchantments and gems work in No Rest for the Wicked

Eleanor has two other mechanics on offer alongside runes. The three of them together can lead to a great synergy, but the investment will be much higher overall. As such, it’s best to plan ahead of time by knowing exactly what you’re getting from each.

Screenshot: Moon Studios / Kotaku / Diego Argüello

In short, Runes add an ability to your weapons (provided that the weapon has slots available) which usually cost Focus to use. Enchantments increase the rarity of a weapon, with the downside of removing the last few Rune and gem slots. Once you invoke an enchantment, this can’t be reversed. But don’t fret, as the game will tell you what you’ll be losing in the process before you confirm.

Gems, on the other hand, increase a specific stat on a weapon or armor piece. You can also get them from Eleanor, or find them out in the wild, and obtain bonuses around elemental stats like electric and plague damage, for example. The process has no drawbacks, but gems that are applied to an item remain there permanently, so be careful with the gems you use. If you’re opting to increase a gear piece that might be surpassed by loot in the future, it’ll be best to save those gems and Runes for the mid to late game.

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