JB Hi-Fi Drops Mega ROG Ally Sale, Steam Deck Be Damned

JB Hi-Fi Drops Mega ROG Ally Sale, Steam Deck Be Damned

The ROG Ally is currently 15% off at JB Hi-Fi, with a $200 discount on the regular price. As they say (somewhere, probably), when it rains Steam Deck competitors, it pours – just yesterday, we spotted a solid deal on the Lenovo Legion Go at Big W, and the ASUS Rog Ally has arrived to back it up with another bargain.

JB Hi-Fi’s special is specifically on the 512GB ROG Ally Gaming Handheld, which comes with Windows 11, Ryzen Z1 Extreme Processor, and a 1080p 120Hz display. It’s currently selling for $1099, down from $1299. If you’re a newbie to ordering online at JB Hi-Fi, you can also sign up for their Perks membership a $10 welcome voucher to bring that price even lower – making it a $1089 handheld PC all up. Just to sweeten the deal, the ROG Ally also comes with 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included so you can stack that bad boy with a whole heap of games, essentially for free.

The JB Hi-Fi deal appears to be available online and in-store, pending stock in your area – and unlike the Big W Lenovo special, isn’t restricted to certain states. TAS, NT, and WA shoppers stay winning this time around.

The ROG Ally JB Hi-Fi special doesn’t appear to have an end date yet – the ASUS site itself also seems to be selling the handheld for the same discounted price, although it may prove a little less simple to get your hands on one quick as opposed to waltzing into your local JB Hi-Fi (AKA that place where I keep spending all my damn money). 

As more and more days pass and Valve remains steadfast on giving Australians literally any update on when Steam Decks might hit our shores officially, as opposed to grey imports only (which, we do have a guide on where to buy those locally here), other handheld gaming PCs like the ROG Ally are waiting in the wings for the impatient folk still too wary to buy a Steam Deck. We’ve compared all the Steam Deck alternatives in a piece here and gone into all their pros and cons, if you’d like to check out what’s available out there before deciding which fun new toy to grab.

JB Hi-Fi sales can be pretty hit and miss, but it’s not often we get a solid single deal like the ROG Ally – given there’s no guarantee how long this deal will last, we’d recommend getting on it quickly if you’re keen to cop an absolute bargain. 

Image: Asus / Republic of Gamers / Kotaku Australia


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