Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers And More

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door: Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers And More

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door will finally return to modern platforms this month. A beloved entry in the storied Mario franchise and a very different flavour to what Mario fans are used to, it’s a special game with a cult fan base. For a specific subset of RPG-minded Mario fans, getting a remake of both The Thousand Year Door and Super Mario RPG in a 12-month span is almost too much good fortune to comprehend. Let’s dive into the latter and talk about what we know.

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door Release Date

Paper Mario: The 1000 Year Door will launch on May 23, 2024 for the Nintendo Switch. That’s over 20 years after the original game, which launched on July 22, 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube! While its harder to play the original version on modern hardware these days, you can still find copies in the wild. If you’d like to play the original PM game, you can find it in the N64 section of the Nintendo Switch Online classic games library.

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door Gameplay

What kind of game is Paper Mario: TTYD? It’s a fairly traditional Japanese RPG with many puzzles and turn-based 2D squad battles. If you haven’t played the original or were expecting a more typical 2D Mario game, this might come as a bit of a surprise. Paper Mario‘s differences from more traditional Super Mario games are what fans really love about. They set themselves apart and make themselves memorable by doing things a little differently.

Visually, the game will look very similar to the Gamecube original, with some extra touches of visual modernity. The whole game looks much clearer and crisper, and plays at the Switch’s maximum TV Mode resolution of 1080p. Characters and backdrops are represented like paper drawings, hence the game’s name, in a style reminiscent of a pop-up children’s book. This unique artistic choice makes PM stand out from other similar games, and even other titles in the series. In the event that rumours about Nintendo Switch 2 backwards compatibility bear out, we might even get an upscaled version on that platform later. Fingers crossed on that one.

Is Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door exclusive to Nintendo Switch?

Paper Mario: 1000 Year Door is indeed exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. For regular Kotaku Australia readers and game enjoyers, that might be as obvious as pointing out that the ocean is wet. However, if my years spent working in games retail have taught me anything, it’s that there are a lot of people out there who don’t understand why Mario Kart never made it to the PlayStation. Just to make it clear, you will only be able to play Paper Mario: TTYD on a Nintendo Switch.

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door Characters

Paper Mario: 1000 Year Door features a number of familiar faces, including Mario himself, Peach and Bowser. The game also features a number of side characters who join your ever-growing posse of party members. These include characters like Ms. Mowz, Admiral Bobbery, and Goombella. It also features Yoshi, who hatches from an egg. Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door players often hunt for Purple Yoshi, because he arrives in a different colour based on how many minutes pass before he hatches.

The final boss from the original Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, the Shadow Queen, is also set to reappear.

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door Trailer

Below, you can see the most recent Overview Trailer for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door Review

When can we expect to read reviews? It shouldn’t be too much longer! The Kotaku Australia review may go up a little later than most — unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t grant us early access to review code — but we’ll do our best to get a review filed for you as quickly as we can after launch.

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