Pickle Rick Is Leaking MultiVersus Characters

Pickle Rick Is Leaking MultiVersus Characters

MultiVersus, WB’s free-to-play platform fighter, has only been out for two days and we already have two new characters in the game. But more are coming, as you might expect, and thanks to Pickle Rick (the alter-ego of the titular character from animated series Rick and Morty), we have a good idea of who some of the upcoming characters might be.

MultiVersus first launched in July 2022 and quickly became popular. However, in the months that followed, players complained about a lack of new content and its playerbase dwindled. In June 2023, after a warning from WB, MultiVersus was shut down with the promise it would be back in 2024. And on May 28 it returned, but fans aren’t happy. Maybe news via datamined leaks indicating that Aquaman, RWBY characters, and more are coming to MultiVersus can help win fans over?

As spotted and shared by Twitter user KrustyandUG, dataminers have begun digging into MultiVersus and have found some interesting stuff. Specifcally, voice lines for the game’s various characters that seem to indicate future additions to the roster. Here’s a video, from easternunit200 on YouTube, that includes all of Agent Smith’s voice lines.

WB Games / easterunit200

That brings us to the weird scenario of Pickle Rick leaking the news that characters from Rooster Teeth’s anime series RWBY might be coming to MultiVereus in a future update. The timing is rough, considering WB recently shut down Rooster Teeth—the online studio behind Red Vs Blue and Achievement Hunter. It seems WB doesn’t mind looting a fresh corpse.

Other leaked voice lines seem to indicate that DC hero Aquaman and Marceline from Adventure Time will be added to the online fighter, too. Rick and his Pickle Variant also have voice lines that seem to confirm the Powerpuff Girls will soon join the game as well. This makes sense as the young superheroes were recently spotted in a MultiVersus trailer and Townsville—where the show is set—is already featured in the game as a level. It should be noted that any or all of this could change as developing games is hard and plans shift all the time.

Anyway, what a weird timeline we live in where Pickle Rick is now a solid source for video game news.

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