Silent Hill 2’s Weirdest Ending Might Have Just Been Confirmed For The Remake

Silent Hill 2’s Weirdest Ending Might Have Just Been Confirmed For The Remake

Silent Hill 2 got a major look-in during today’s Silent Hill Transmission, and while we got a fresh look at gameplay from the remake of the 2001 classic, it’s the game’s Shiba Inu-centric pre-order bonus content and merch I’m most interested in. Did Konami just confirm that we’ll be getting the Silent Hill 2 Dog Ending in the remake?

During the Silent Hill Transmission, Konami presented a range of Silent Hill 2 pre-order and special edition bonuses available to players – including a wearable mask for James featuring a Shiba Inu wearing a headset, titled the ‘Mira the Dog Mask.’ 

Further on in the presentation, we got a look at new merch for the franchise too, which included a piggy bank in the shape of Mira the Dog sitting at a control panel, another nod to the original’s Dog Ending. Given we’ve now gotten multiple official references to it, it seems like Konami might be gearing up to deliver the Silent Hill 2 Dog Ending in high definition come October.

If you’re wondering what the Dog Ending is, let’s take a step back about 23 years. In the original Silent Hill 2, under all those layers of fog and psychological horror, Konami slipped in an alternative ending as an easter egg. The ending, a masterclass in tonal whiplash, reveals the whole thing was controlled by a Shiba Inu named Mira stationed at a control panel, pulling levers, pressing buttons, and all. In order to witness the Dog Ending, players had to complete all three other normal endings, find a specific key hidden in a dog house, and then head to the Lakeview Hotel under some very specific circumstances to get Mira’s big reveal.

It seems pretty likely the Silent Hill 2 remake will feature the Dog Ending in some way or another, given Konami’s commitment to maintaining the feel of the original while bringing it to modern gaming platforms at high fidelity. We’ve not yet had official word that it’ll definitely be nestled in there, but when October rolls around we’ll be rooting out that Dog Key while James sports the deeply unserious Mira the Dog mask and trying our darndest to find out.Silent Hill 2 launches on October 8, 2024 for PS5 and PC, and while we got a deeper look into the game ahead of release during Konami’s presentation, another trailer drop during the PlayStation State of Play gave us even more to check out – you can view it here, as well as all the other trailers and reveals from this morning’s showcase.

Image: Konami / Bloober Team / Kotaku Australia

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