Sonic Fans Are Going Feral Waiting For The Third Movie Trailer

Sonic Fans Are Going Feral Waiting For The Third Movie Trailer

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is still seven months away, as the third live-action movie starring the blue blur and his angsty rival Shadow will premiere on December 20. And fans are eagerly anticipating the first trailer for the upcoming movie. Though some lucky ones were able to get a first look at a private event in April, the general public has been waiting to see even a single frame of the film. So much so that we are reaching a peak state of madness not seen since Dr. Gerald Robotnik sent the Space Colony Ark falling to Earth in Sonic Adventure 2.

I, like several others, had been theorizing Paramount might release the Sonic 3 trailer on May 16, to pair it with its new (apparently bad) imaginary friend movie If, which is in theatres tonight. In preparation for this, I turned on X (formerly Twitter) notifications for the official Sonic movie account so I would see it right when it went up. After most of the day went by, I’d given up hope. Then, I got a notification for a post from the account, got excited, and was immediately disappointed to see the post was just a retweet of the Paramount+ account breaking down Easter eggs from the Knuckles show now streaming on the service.

Several responses to the post are fans begging for the Sonic 3 trailer and mentioning they also fell victim to the same notification I did. Paramount is definitely aware that fans would like to see a glimpse of the film, as the company’s official YouTube randomly uploaded a clip from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on May 10, then responded to fans who called out the bait and switch.

“Whoever decided to drop this when everyone’s talking about the [Sonic 3] trailer was a genius,” wrote one fan. The Paramount account responded saying, “Yeah, whoever decided to do that is diabolical.” Another user commented that this was a “test” for how ready fans were for the trailer, to which Paramount said “Oh trust me, we know y’all are ready.”

All we know right now is that Paramount Mexico’s TikTok account deleted a comment that said the trailer would be coming “very soon” on May 7. But since it doesn’t seem like it will premiere in time for If, fans are now waiting for any clues. I just want to see my live-action son, Paramount. I watched all of the Knuckles show and he was barely in it. Show me signs of life for Shadow. It’s his year, dammit.

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