Destiny 2:The Final Shape Has Players Getting Emotional About The Last 10 Years

Destiny 2:The Final Shape Has Players Getting Emotional About The Last 10 Years

It’s hard to believe, but Destiny has been around just shy of ten years, and today’s launch of The Final Shape marks the conclusion of the series’ current saga. As players get ready to dive into this final campaign against the Witness and usher Destiny 2 into a new era, they’re also fondly remembering the last ten years that they’ve spent playing Destiny.

It all started with a simple TikTok that I spotted after work yesterday about a pair of twins who’d been playing since the first game. The video, which was set to Destiny 2’s somber “Deep Stone Lullaby,” showed them as children in one slide before jumping forward to a picture of them in the present. It hit like a truck. People have grown up playing this game (myself included) and naturally we see a bit of ourselves in this thing that we’ve sunk so much time into.

That first video established a template for countless others that then began to crop up on my “For You” page (TikTok’s algorithmic timeline unique to every person), and before I knew it, I was inundated with emotional Destiny TikToks about everyone’s ten-year journeys with the game.

While a good chunk of the videos I’ve seen simply show the players getting older over time, others reflect how drastic a change can take place in ten years. For example, a pair of TikToks show two other Destiny 2 players pre and post-transition!

There are tons of videos people are posting that aren’t as personal, as well. Some are poking fun at the game they love, while others are cutting together montages of all the silly things they’ve done with their fireteam.


10 year journey coming to an end but all ends are new beginnings #destiny #destiny2 #memories #fyp

♬ original sound – Puerto Cuban

It turns out that everyone’s got their own unique history with Destiny 2, which makes sense considering the length of its tenure. I’ve greatly appreciated folks sharing their stories online these last few days. It’s gotten me thinking about my own story with Destiny and god, what a wild ten years it has been. I’m glad to have been a part of it with all of you magnificent little lights. Now, let’s finish this fight.

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