Devolver Direct 2024: Australian Watch Times For Summer Game Fest’s Most Cursed Showcase

Devolver Direct 2024: Australian Watch Times For Summer Game Fest’s Most Cursed Showcase

As Summer Game Fest looms ever-larger on the horizon, the long weekend is becoming infinitely more stacked with showcases – including the next Devolver Direct. Devolver’s annual game showcase kicks off shortly after Summer Game Fest and Day of the Devs wrap up this June, and as per usual, it looks like we’re in for a very weird and wonderful presentation.

Devolver Direct is set to run for 20 minutes on the morning of June 8 for Aussies (finally, a presentation with a less painful start time), and apparently we’re all invited: it’s Volvy, the very much fake Devolver mascot’s 15th birthday. While we can probably expect the Volvy bit to take up part of the presentation as it did last year, we’re also likely in for a treat when it comes to upcoming game updates and new reveals.

According to the deeply cursed Devolver Direct date reveal video description, the presentation will be a “short but sweet opportunity to gather around your loved ones and celebrate gaming’s favourite mascot without anything weird happening. Tune in to the totally normal festivities…to learn why on earth we would say that.” Will Volvy get his own game? Are we destined to walk away extremely confused? It’s anyone’s guess.

Devolver Direct 2024 Australian & New Zealand Watch Times

As mentioned, this year’s Devolver Direct is set to go live on Saturday, June 8 for Australian viewers at a mercifully normal time for a human being to be awake. Let’s see how that time looks in your neck of the woods.


10:00 AM AEST

Saturday, June 8


9:30 AM ACST

Saturday, June 8


8:00 AM AWST

Saturday, June 8


12:00 PM NZST

Saturday, June 8

If you’re keen to check out when you can watch the rest of the Summer Game Fest showcases (and those not quite running during SGF but stacked conveniently close to the same weekend) in Aussie timezones, we’ve also got you sorted with a rundown of everything set to go down in June’s silly season.

Image: Devolver Digital

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