This Doom: The Dark Ages Weapon Has Already Been Modded Into The Original Game

This Doom: The Dark Ages Weapon Has Already Been Modded Into The Original Game

Doom: The Dark Ages is barely 24 hours on from its global reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase, and there’s already a mod that adds a working Shield Saw into the original Doom.

Spotted by PC Gamer, modder Craneo has recreated the Shield Saw seen in the Doom: The Dark Ages reveal trailer for the OG 1993 game, spinning saw teeth and all. Based on the gameplay videos, not only will it shield you from damage and saw through foes, you can also throw it to mow down even more enemies – just like you can in the upcoming game. It’s a flip on the Doom chainsaw, and by god, it fits perfectly into the original. You can check out gameplay footage with the shield posted to X (formerly Twitter) here:

Doom: The Dark Ages got an official reveal only yesterday and already the medieval-style Doom game has been doing the rounds online thanks to that high-octane trailer. Beyond the Shield Saw, we also got a look at what most people are referring to as a Skull Gun (that is, a gun with a skull in it), and the ability the ride dragons. While dragon-riding probably isn’t about to get speed-modded into the original Doom, Craneo has already floated the idea of bringing that Skull Gun to the game in a new mod.

As X (formerly Twitter) user jmpt16t said in the comments,  “the devil works fast, but a Doom fan works faster.” The OG Doom modding community are certainly known for their innovative and quick work, but this one might take the cake.
If you’re keen to try out the Doom: The Dark Ages Saw Shield in the OG game ahead of the real deal when the newest title drops in 2025, you can access the mod from Craneo here. Happy sawing!

Image: Craneo / id Software / Kotaku Australia

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