Dragon Age Fans Are Ready To Ride The Veilguard’s Old Man Mage Into The Sunset

Dragon Age Fans Are Ready To Ride The Veilguard’s Old Man Mage Into The Sunset

Dragon Age: The Veilguard got a proper reintroduction last week during Summer Game Fest, starting with a cinematic trailer showcasing each of the RPG’s seven party members. One of them is Emmrich Volkarin, a human necromancer who is part of the Mourn Watch faction in the magical country of Tevinter. He’s also a romance option. All the companions in The Veilguard are, but Emmrich being of, well, a more senior age has made him a lightning rod for extremely good fan memes poking fun at the character, and also each other, for how down bad they are for the old man.

While Emmrich is certainly looking good for his advanced age, part of this collective thirst was prompted by a quote from Dragon Age: The Veilguard director Corinne Busche. In an interview with IGN, Busche discussed the RPG’s romance and sex scenes, and brought up Emmrich’s specifically. While she didn’t go into much detail, she did describe the mage’s love scene as “more intimate and sensual,” compared to other party members.

“Some of them are more spicy than others,” Busche told IGN. “Just like real life, our companions have such diverse personalities. Some of them are more physical, more aggressive, and some of them are more…we have a gentleman necromancer, for instance, that is more intimate and sensual.”

Fans proceeded to go absolutely feral.

Like the rest of Dragon Age: The Veilguard’s party members, Emmrich will be romanceable by any variation of protagonist Rook. So this is equal opportunity thirst for an old man floating around the Dragon Age fandom. Personally, I already fell in love with a mustached Tevinter mage in Dragon Age: Inquisition, so I’m not trying to repeat myself in the fourth game. But who knows, he may steal my heart just as Dorian did ten years ago.

If you want to learn more about Emmrich, he debuted in the Tevinters Nights anthology book, in which we get a sense of his necromancy skills. He has a skeleton assistant named Manfred, though it remains to be seen if he will have any opinions on the thirst people are feeling for his boss.


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