Helldivers 2 Players Have Literally Saved The Children As Devs Donate To Charity

Helldivers 2 Players Have Literally Saved The Children As Devs Donate To Charity

Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Game Studios has donated over four thousand dollars to the Save the Children charity after players chose humanity over much-needed materials in a recent Major Order.

Helldivers 2 creative director and Arrowhead CCO Johan Pilestedt took to X (formerly Twitter) to confirm that a donation of $4,311 USD (about $6.5k AUD) had been sent to Save the Children. The donation was in honour of Helldivers choosing to rescue the trapped survivors on Vernen Wells instead of chasing the raw ingredients for the MD-17 Anti Tank Mines on Marfark. As it so happened, those ‘trapped survivors’ were actually leagues of sick children – 4,311 of them to be exact.

“Since the Helldivers 2 community chose to save the children, [Arrowhead] does the same,” Pilestedt’s post reads. “We have made a donation to, well, Save the Children. Great job Divers!” 

Players were also given a message from ‘The Very Sick Children of Super Citizen Anne’s’ as a thank you for their efforts on Vernen Wells.”Dear Helldivers, thank you so much for saving us. They told us you made a lot of sacrifices (mines/lives) to help us. We’ll always be grateful,” the post reads on the official Helldivers 2 X page. “Now, we can grow up to become Helldivers too.”

Some fans in the comments were quick to ask Pilestedt what exactly would have happened to the Very Sick Children of Super Citizen Anne’s had players chosen instead to go for the raw materials. Apparently, “you wouldn’t want to know.” Despite this, Helldivers 2 players still had the option to choose both humanity and raw materials towards the cause of liberty, although the team was pretty clear that “they never will” be able to get both done before the timer runs out.

Whether it’s democracy, absolutely deleting Terminids in every which way possible, or saving the kids, Helldivers 2 players are always working towards a cause. It just so happens that this time, it was also a very real one as well. 

Have you been playing Helldivers 2 recently? Let us know in the comments.

Image: Arrowhead Game Studios

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