Metallica Can Now Fight Darth Vader In Fortnite’s Next Update

Metallica Can Now Fight Darth Vader In Fortnite’s Next Update

Fortnite’s next few updates are going to be adding a lot of Metallica to Epic’s online battle royale, including the band members themselves, some of the group’s best songs, and even a new mode all about battling other players using music.

The first part of this big Metallica x Fortnite event begins on June 13 with Fortnite Festival Season 4. This new season of the rhythm game adds six new Metallica songs to buy and play, including “Enter Sandman,” “Fuel,” and “Ride The Lighting.” Epic says more songs from the band will be added over the course of the season, too.

As part of this new Festival season, players will gain access to a new Festival Pass. The premium track features all four Metallica band members as unlockable and playable skins. Finally, James Hetfield can fight Goku and Darth Vader. The premium track also includes access to a new Jam Track, Metallica’s “One.”

Epic Games

As part of this Metallica-themed Festival season, Epic has added a new mode: The Battle Stage. In this new mode, 16 players all play through the same four musical tracks in a big battle concert. Play better to unlock attacks that you can shoot at other musicians to throw them off their game. Play well enough and you can outlast everyone and win. The new mode sounds like a lot of fun and Epic says it will stick around even after Metallica has left once this Festival season ends in August.

Fortnite’s new Festival update has also unlocked the ability for players to use Jam Tracks they own as lobby music which is a small thing, sure, but something I’m happy about. Now I can have the Cantina song from Star Wars as my lobby music.

There’s even more Metallica stuff coming to Fortnite

Also coming in the June 13 update: Metallica is getting a Rocket Racing-themed track, car, and Lego versions of each band member, too. I told you in the headline that Metallica is taking over Fortnite. I wasn’t lying!

But wait, there’s more! You’ll be able to find Metallica on the Fortnite battle royale map and watch holographic versions of the band rock out as you get sniped by a 14-year-old hiding in a bush.

And on June 22 and June 23, Fortnite will be hosting a Metallica concert inside the game. We’ve seen this kind of thing before and it appears that, like those past concerts, the Metallica one will happen a few times throughout the two-day event.

I think that’s all the Metallica content coming to Fortnite. Boy, I really hope you like the band or at least don’t mind them. If not, well…most of this stuff is leaving on August 16. So it won’t be around forever at least.


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