Overwatch 2 Teases Transformers Collaboration Ahead Of Season 11

Overwatch 2 Teases Transformers Collaboration Ahead Of Season 11

Overwatch 2’s eleventh season begins on Thursday, June 20, and this time around Blizzard is going with what looks like a Power Rangers tribute theme this season. But that’s not the only thing poking at millennial nostalgia, as Blizzard is teasing that a Transformers collaboration is in the works.

Season 11, calledSuper Mega Ultrawatch, is bringing a plethora of Power Rangers-esque skins for Overwatch 2’s heroes. The trailer hams up the theme by leaning into a late ‘90s television show vibe similar to the superhero series. Genji, Sojourn, Cassidy, Ana, and Wrecking Ball will star as “Underwatch,” a crime-fighting team facing Ashe, who gets this season’s customizable mythic skin. Calamity Empress Ashe gives major Rita Replusa vibes, and you can unlock that skin as you progress through the season’s battle pass.

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Other big additions include the return of the Pink Mercy skin to benefit breast cancer research, a purchasable mythic weapon for Reinhardt with special visual and sound effects, and a new Push Map called Runasapi, a major setting in newcomer healer Illari’s backstory. The Colosseo map will also be getting reworked to move cover and resources around like health packs. Those are the big pillars of this latest season, but Blizzard has also confirmed that it will be using the Quick Play: Hacked limited mode to test out a possible feature: pickable passives. This will allow you to choose your hero’s passive ability based on their role, rather than the ones that are usually on by default. Blizzard didn’t elaborate on what those alternate passives would look like, however.

Some final highlights include Hero Mastery levels for Soldier: 76 (Happy Pride month to me) and Kiriko, the return of the Summer Games event, and Lifeguard skins for Kiriko, Lifeweaver (again, Happy Pride), Junkrat, Lucio, and Roadhog. There is also a brief tease of the Overwatch logo turning into the Transformers logo, but Blizzard didn’t give any other hints as to what that collaboration might entail. Previous collaborations with Cowboy Bebop and One Punch Man brought themed skins to the game, so that’s probably a given, at least.

Though season 11 is pretty packed, it’s hard to not feel bummed knowing swaths of what Overwatch 2 was supposed to be aren’t in this pipeline anymore. The story mode we were promised has been reportedly canceled and Blizzard has been gutting what new modes and content it has put into the game since it launched in 2022.


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